Sentence Structure: What is a sentence?

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Sentence Structure: What is a sentence? What is a sentence in a paragraph? To clarify that a sentences’ meaning you must know the fact that sentence is a part of every form in a paragraph that become into one.

Sentence Structure: What is a sentence?
Sentence Structure: What is a sentence?

The right sentences is when it has a subject and predicate and there is dot in the end of the sentences.

For the example:

  1. I am happy.
  2. Emtris Works.
  3. Clara Studies.

Even in the sentences above they do not have any objects, commas, and other adverbs that may able to be added in the sentences above. But the element above is enough to be said as “sentences”. Tio understand that a sentences just need at least a subject and a verb or predicate is as the pillar that no sentences without one or both two elements.

For the example:

  1. I in the bathroom
  2. You crazy.
  3. The trees, the eagles, the grass, the flower, in the garden

If you see the wrong example above that shows like in the number 1 you will see no verbs or predicates there. So this is a wrong sentence. And for the number 2 and number 3 are same. There are no verbs in the sentences.

By looking these rules you can understand that sentences must have a subject and a verb.


State whether the subject word or the verb is missing in the sentences, and fill the blank suitably.

  1. …………come before a fall season.
  2. Tris………………weak with hunger.
  3. By the middle of the third weeks he………………continuously for his works.
  4. The phone on the table……….
  5. How thickly fell…………..!

Say why each of the following is not a complete sentence, and then make it complete:

  1. Possession seven points of the law.
  2. Stolen fruits the sweetest.
  3. Two wrongs not a right.
  4. Lends enchantment to the view.
  5. Atomic energy for the industry in peace time.
  6. Ran a mile in four minutes.

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