Reading comprehension: Exercise Text 5

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Reading comprehension: Exercise Text 5

Sekolahbahasainggris In this reading section you will have a new text of reading comprehension to enrich your skill on reading.

Reading comprehension: Exercise Text 5
Reading comprehension: Exercise Text 5
  • Text 5:

Radio and Television

There are many homes in our country today which have either a radio or television set. Both of them have become essential part of our daily life. They inform us the news of the day, instruct us in many fields of interest, and entertain us with singing, dancing, and acting.

When we consider the effects of the radio broadcast we realize that a radio is more than a form of entertainment. It is in fact a very powerful instrument of communication which can influence our lives very deeply.

Television is another major instruement of communication. It permits us to see as well as to hear the performer. Since its appearance, TV has had a great effects on the daily life of people everywhere.

Improvement of all kinds are constantly being made in television so that receprtion will be as perfect as possible. Perhaps the most recent advancement is the use of satellites. Those specially equipped capsules orbit the globe and make the entire world closer than ever before.


  1. One function of radio which is NOT mentioned in the passage is..

A.To inform

B.To instruct

C.To make the world closer

D.To entertain

E.To influence people

  1. The practical difference between radio and television is that….

A.Radio is smaller than television

B.Radio uses only alittle service of satellites

C.Television is constantly improved

D.Television permits us to see as well as to hear the performer

E.Radio can influence our lives very deeply

  1. Them in “Both of Them have become……” (line 2) refers to…


B.Our Country

C.Radio and Television

D.The news and fields of interest

E.Our lives

  1. Capsules in “Those specially-equipped capsules……….” (line 17) refers to..



C.All kinds

D.Medical substance

E.Radio and Television broadcasts

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