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Bagi adik-adik sahabat SBI yang ingin latihan soal ujian Bahasa inggris. Dibawah ini adalah prediksi soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP beserta kunci jawaban. Semoga bisa membuat adik-adik sekalian lebih siap menghadapi Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris.

Prediksi Soal Ujian Bahasa Inggris

Choose the correct answer!
1. Read the notice.


This sign means …
A. We are allowed to pass only in the weekend
B. We must not pass the road until the weekend
C. We are supposed to pass on Saturday
D. We are not allowed to close the road in weekend

Read the text for no. 2 to 4

Semarang, August 5th 2008

Dear, Ayu
Please come to my thirteenth birthday party on Sunday,
August 10th 2008 at 7 p.m in my house.
I’ll be happier if aunt Lina and uncle Herman come too.
Thanks for coming.


2. What year was Windy born?
A. 1992 C. 1994
B. 1993 D. 1995

3. Windy hoped that Ayu …
A. brought a present
B. attended the party
C. wore new dress
D. saw the party

4. The party was held in …
A. in the morning
B. in the afternoon
C. in the evening
D. in the mid night

5. Read the notice.


This notice means …
A. This place is for those who do not smoke
B. This place is special for non-smokers
C. Smoking in this room is allowed
D. Smoking in this place is forbidden

Read the text for no. 6 to 7

Attention, please!
All the students of nine grade are invited to come to the meeting which will be held at 10 a. m tomorrow in the hall of our school. Please come on time. Don’t be late

Chief of Students Association

6. What is the announcement about?
A. Information to come to the meeting.
B. Information for not being late.
C. Instruction for coming on time.
D. Time to attend the meeting.

7. Which of the following statements is true based on the text?
A. All the students must come to the meeting.
B. The students are allowed to be late.
C. The meeting will be held in the classroom.
D. The meeting will start at 10 a. m

Read the text for no. 8 to 11

Sarah Jeanette Davies is Miss World Australia 2004. She is twenty four years old and graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Communication and Public Relationship.
Sarah is also a model and sport woman. She has also been in many advertising campaigns and television commercial. She was state champion of Queensland in the Rhythmic Gymnastic in 1998 and 2006.
Sarah’s first duty after becoming Miss World Australia was visiting a charity called “variety” in Tasmania. “Variety” is children’s charity and also did a lot of work with disabled people.
After this, Sarah would be a television presenter. She said that media industry very competitive in Australia.

8. How has Sarah been in television?
A. freely
B. commercially
C. willingly
D. interestingly

9. Why would she be TV presenter? Because …
A. media industry is very commercial.
B. media industry is very competitive.
C. she wanted to be more popular.
D. she wanted to be a manager of media.

10. “Variety” is children’s charity and did a lot of work with disabled people.
The word”disabled people” means people who …
A. are unable to use their body properly
B. do not have parts of the body
C. are unable to use tools properly
D. got accident

11. From the text, we know that Sarah …
A. is businesswoman.
B. is not the Miss World Australia 2004.
C. has just finished high school.
D. is also in many advertising campaigns.

Read the text for no.12 to 15

Once upon time, when drinking at the side of stream, a thirsty little ant fell into the water and got carried away. “Help, help. I cannot get out!” cried the ant.
Fortunately a kind bird, a dove saw that the ant is in danger. She plucked a leaf of tree with her beak and placed it on the water just in front of the ant.”Get on the leaf ant and I’ll carry you to safety.” said the dove. Then, the ant quickly climbed on the leaf and the dove immediately rose into the air with the leaf in her beak.
Some days later, when the ant was searching for food at the bottom of a tree, he suddenly heard a cruel looking man stalking forward the tree. He had a big gun, which he kept pointing up in the air, ready to shoot.
Quickly and with all strength, the ant ran up the tree, calling to the bird to fly away. The bird was out of sight in a moment.
The ant was so happy because he had been able to warn his friend, the bird and so save it from terrible death.

12. What does the story tell us?
A. A helpful dove
B. A good ant and the cruel man
C. A cruel looking man
D. The dove and the ant

13. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. The ant was in danger.
B. The dove saved the ant’s life.
C. The ant climbed on the leaf.
D. The dove rose into the air.

14. How did the dove go away after knowing the danger?
A. patiently
B. angrily
C. fast
D. slowly

15. Some days later, when the ant was searching for food …
The phrase “searching for” means …
A. looking for C. looking after
B. looking at D. looking up

16. Arrange the jumbled words into a good sentence.
the traffic light – broke – the driver – but also – accident – had – not only
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

A. 3 – 7 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 5 – 1
B. 5 – 7 – 6 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1
C. 5 – 7 – 6 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 1
D. 3 – 7 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 5

Read the text for no. 17 to 19

Australian International School Jakarta
AIS Jakarta is looking to fill the following full time junior school teaching positions:
 English/History
 Information Technology
 Mathematics
 Science biology/Chemistry/Physic
 Kindergarten with Early Childhood Qualifications
Experience in teaching in international schools and dealing with students with non-English background would be advantageous. Applicants must have relevant teaching
qualifications and teaching experience. Competitive salary package.
Applications should be sent to the head of School,Dr. Peter Walbran via email at Or Fax at (6221)717790937

17. What must applicants have to fill in the positions?
A. Relevant teaching qualifications and experience.
B. Experience in teaching English in International school.
C. Experience in teaching non-English students.
D. Relevant teaching all subject and teaching experience.

18. Which statements is true based on the text?
A. Application must be sent by email.
B. Part time job is available.
C. Dr. Peter Walbram is the chief of school committee.
D. The school offers competitive salary

19. “ …with a non-English background would be advantageous …
“Advantageous” means something useful that …
A. puts you to gain more money
B. puts you in better position than other people
C. makes you in the highest position
D. makes you gain more benefit

Read the text for no. 20 to 24

Lions belong to cat family. They are large strong fresh eating animals.
A group of lions consist of 2 to 13 adult females and young lions. All of the females are related; sister, mothers, aunts and cousins. A female will stay in it for life although a large group may split into smaller ones
Female lions care for young lions for together, hunt and eat together. They also aggressively defend from other groups. Equally important, a group of females must often defend young lions from group of males.
Unlike females, young lions are driven from group lions when they are between two and four years old. If they are lucky, they leave with brothers and cousins; if not, they work together with unrelated males. These groups of two to six males are called coalition.

20. Which paragraph tells about the difference of young from female lions?
A. paragraph 1
B. paragraph 2
C. paragraph 3
D. paragraph 4

21. How do the female lions defend their selves?
A. They defend their selves together.
B. They asked a help male lions to defend.
C. Each female defends itself.
D. They defend their selves with male lions.

22. Why do lions live in group? To make …
A. other groups defeat
B. their group safe
C. separate from other group
D. their group bigger than other group

23. “…although a large may split into smaller ones.”
The underline word has synonym …
A. divide C. collect
B. break D. fall

24. The writer wrote the text in order to …
A. entertain the readers about the group of lions
B. describe the lions look like
C. inform the lions and their lives
D. tell how the lions defend their group

Read the text for no. 25 to 26

My hometown is Makasar, the capital of South Sulawesi.
It is one of the most attractive cities in Indonesia because it is right on the water’s edge. We can see a magnificent view and many picturesque island from promenade at the city’s Losari beach. Additionally, on Losari beach we can also eat and enjoy the traditional food of Makasar, such as “pisang epe” while we watch the sun go down in a ball of flaming red and orange.It is a magical place to be in the cool of the evening with the fresh smell of the ocean air and spicy aroma of delicious meals cooking in carts around.

25. What can attract us in Makasar mostly?
A. The water’s edge
B. Magnificent view and picturesque island
C. Delicious meals
D. Carts in everywhere

26. Which statements is true based on the text?
A. We can find traditional food in supermarket.
B. Losari beach is cool every time.
C. Makasar is right on the water’s edge
D. We find delicious meal cooking all around

Read the text for no. 27 to 31

Last week, my wife and I went to visit the town where we both grew up. We had not been there since we were married ten years ago.
First, we went to the neighborhood where my wife, Jane spent her childhood. It had not changed very much. The house where she was born still there, but it is now different color.. They were very glad to see Jane and asked us to come in and had a cup of coffee.
We learned about all neighbor, old and new. Jane had very good time. As far as one question was answered, she would ask the next.
Then, we went to see the neighborhood where I grew up. What a disappointment! It was all changed. All the old houses I remembered were gone. I did not know any of the people where lived there.
Someone had said to me that I could not go home again. Jane might think so, but I believed that was true.

27. The writer wrote the text …
A. to describe a particular events
B. to presenting points of view about an activity
C. to inform a past event
D. to entertain the readers with a funny story

28. When did the writer and his wife visit the town?
A. Ten years ago before getting married
B. Ten years after getting married
C. Ten years ago
D. Last week

29. How did the neighbors meet Jane?
A. sadly C. angrily
B. curiously D. gladly

30. From the text, we know that …
A. The writer felt disappointed
B. The neighbors did not recognize Jane at all
C. All the houses are still the same
D. The neighbors welcomed strangely

31. We learned about all neighbors, old and new.
The underlined word means …
A. saw C. understood
B. observed D. looked at

Read the text for no. 32 to 35

How to make Sticky Date Pudding

• 200
• 1 cup water
• 50 gr.butter
• 2 eggs
• 190 gr.white sugar
• 190 gr.flour
• 1 tsp soda
• ½ tsp vanilla essence

 Put dates and water in saucepan and heat until coagulate
 Beat in the other ingredients
 Line pan with greased baking paper
 Bake at 19° celcius for 30 minutes
 Serve with sauce and cream

32. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To see the ingredients of sticky date pudding.
B. To prepare everything to make date pudding.
C. To inform how to serve sticky date pudding.
D. To tell how to make sticky date pudding.

33. What does the last thing we do in making sticky date pudding?
A. Beat in other ingredients.
B. Line pan with greased baking paper.
C. Put dates and eat in saucepan.
D. Serve with sauce and cream.

34. Why do we use a saucepan?
A. To serve sticky date pudding.
B. To bake sticky date pudding.
C. To put date and water
D. To beat in other ingredients.

prediksi soal UN bahasa inggris SMP

35. “Line pan with greased baking paper”
The underline word means …
A. fry C. wrap
B. cover D. put

36. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph
1. People like to keep them, not as breeding animals.
2. Therefore, people do not need their meat and eggs
3. There are several animals people look for as pets.
4. People like pets because they can be nice and funny
5. They are birds, the cocks, the cats, the dogs and the horses

A. 3 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 4
B. 3 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 4
C. 4 – 1 – 2 – 5 – 3
D. 4 – 2 – 1 – 5 – 3

Read the text for no. 37 to 39

Reog Ponorogo is a very spectacular dance. …(37) wear bright, colorful costumes and are accompanied by gamelan music. …(38) is always performed out in the open such as in a town square or park. Reog dates back during the Hindu period in East Java. The story is …(39) with the legend in Ponorogo Kingdom about 70 kms south east of Solo City.

37. A. Musicians C. People
B. Groups D. Dancers

38. A. Its C. They
B. It D. Their

39. A. related C. brought
B. performed D. protected

Read the text for no. 40 to 43

Delta Good rem is a young Australian singer and song writer.
She is well known in many countries, especially in Europe and of course in Australia. Delta has been singing and acting since she was very young. She has been in
many television commercials and television shows in Australia.
At the age of seven, Delta was in America advertisement for gallop Toys. Delta is classically trained pianist and plays guitar and drums. In 1996, she recorded a demo with five number one hit songs that she wrote herself. That’s when she got contract with a record company and made hit first album Innocent Eyes.
Finally, in 2004 she recorded the second album, Mistaken Identity. On the album, Delta recorded a beautiful duet with Brian McFadden from Westlife. The song is called Almost Here.

40. What is the text about?
A. a singer
B. a song writer
C. a singer and song writer
D. a musician

41. How many songs did she write in the first album?
A. One C. Four
B. Three D. Five

42. From the text, we know that Delta …
A. is a popular in all countries in the world
B. got contract with a record company
C. has two songs with another singer
D. plays music in every concert

43. “She is well known in many coutries, ..”
The word “well known” have similar meaning with …
A. bad C. famous
B. good D. successful

44. Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences below!
1. During training, when they do something correctly, they squeal excitedly.
2. Furhermore, they help each other when they are in trouble.
3. When they make a mistake, however they droop noticeably and more around their
4. Dolphins are interesting animals.
5. For example, they display the human emotion of joy and sadness.
6. They display almost human behavior at times.

A. 6 – 1 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 4
B. 4 – 6 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 2
C. 6 – 4 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 2
D. 4 – 6 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 3

Read the text for no.45 to 47

Jl. Kartini 56, Karanganyar
April 25th, 2008

Dear Susi,
It will be great pleasure to meet you on our holiday next week. I’ll tell you where I’m going to take you. I’m going to take to “Grojogan Sewu”.It’s beautiful waterfall, about kms from my house.
We can go there in my father’s car. Then we’ll have to walk about ten minutes to reach the waterfall. It’s really beautiful. The water is crystal clear and very cold.
Believe me, you will love it and don’t worry. I’ll take you the other interesting places too.
See you.
Yours truly,

45. When will the writer have a holiday?
A. Next week
B. April 25th, 2008
C. Next holiday
D. Next year

46. How will they reach the waterfall?
A. By motorcycle
B. By car
C. On foot
D. By bus

47. Which of the following statements is not true about the writer?
A. She is Susi’s aunt.
B. She is Susi’s friend.
C. The writer wants to show interesting places.
D. The writer lives at Jl. Kartini, Karanganyar.

Read this notice!


48. It means …
A. We are forbidden to read anything
B. We have to read the instruction before using it
C. We are possible to read instruction
D. We may read instruction before using it.

Read the text for no. 49 to 50

Hi, friends! We are having
Farewell Party

On Wednesday June 15th in class IX B at 8 a.m

Come and join us
Don’t forget to bring something special for us and
wear your funniest clothes to make the party fun


49. What do the students have to bring?
A. The funniest clothes
B. All friends
C. Much money
D. Something special

50. When will the party be held?
A. In the evening
B. In the morning
C. At midnight
D. In the afternoon


1. B    11. D   21. A  31. B 41. D
2. D    12. D   22. B  32. D 42. B
3. B    13. B   23. B  33. D 43. C
4. C    14. C   24. C  34. C 44. B
5. C    15. A   25. B  35. B 45. A
6. A     16. D  26. C  36. A 46. C
7. D     17. A  27. C  37. D 47. A
8. B     18. D  28. D  38. B 48. B
9. B     19. B  29. A  39. A 49. D
10.A    20. D  30. A  40. C 50. B

Semoga bermanfaat Para Pembaca Setia SBI 🙂