Penjelasan Coordinating Conjunctions, Correlative Conjunctions, and Subordinating Conjunctions.

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Penjelasan Coordinating Conjunctions, Correlative Conjunctions, and Subordinating Conjunctions.

A conjunction (kata penghubung) menggabungkan kata atau sekolompok kata dalam sebuah kalimat. Berikut ini adalah contoh conjunction joins words or groups of words in a sentence.

  • I ate dinner with Rio and Novi.
  • Because it is rainy yesterday, the trip was canceled.
  • Anjas did not study hard, but I did.

 Terdapat tiga tipe Conjunctions atau Kata Penghubung

1. Coordinating Conjunctions
a. Menghubungkan kata-kata phrases, atau clauses yang bisa berdiri sendiri
b. and, but, or, so, for, yet, and not

2. Correlative Conjunctions
a. Digunakan didalam pasangan
b. both/and, either/or, neither/nor, not only/but also

3. Subordinating Conjunctions
a. DIgunakan di awal subordinate clause.
b. although, after, before, because, how, if, once, since, so that, until, unless, when, while, where, whether, etc.

Penjelasan Conjunction terlengkap 2015

Coordinating Conjunctions

  1. And (Dan)—disini berarti menambahkan”:
    e.g. They are going to the beach and an mountain on the same day.


  1. But (Tetapi)—Menghubungkan dua halyang tidak sejalan.

e.g. I am a black boy, but she is an white girl.

  1. Or (Atau)— Menunjukkan pilihan untuk dua

e.g. Do you want a red one or a blue one?

  1. So (Jadi) — Menggambarkan hasil dari tindakan pertama:
    e.g. That movie has been very famous, so I downloaded it.


  1. For (Karena)—“For” untuk conjunction memiliki arti berrarti karena
    e.g. I do not want to go there again, for it was a spooky trip.


  1. Yet (Namun)—Menunjukan berlawanan dengan sesuatu:
    e.g. Dita performed very well, yet She didn’t make audience enthusiasm.


Correlative Conjunctions

  1. Both/and

    Sigit won Bronze medals from both the single and double games.

Both Mazker and mascer are incorrect words.


  1. Either/or I am fine with either Sunday or Monday.

You can have either banana or cherry.

  1. Neither/nor

    She enjoys neither eating nor shopping.

Neither you nor I will lay down early today.

  1. Not only/but also

    Not only purple but also yellow looks good on you.

Amir got the perfect score in not only Biology but also English.