Naskah Drama Komedi Horor Untuk 8 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

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Naskah Drama Komedi Horor Untuk 8 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

Naskah Drama Komedi Horor Untuk 8 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik – Bagi sahabat SBI yang sedang mencari referensi sebuah Drama Bergenre Komedi Horor dalam Bahasa Inggris, kebetulan sekali pada artikel ini saya akan membagikannya. Ini adalah drama yang benar-benar menghibur dan hanya sedikit unsur horror didalamnya walaupun memiliki genre horor. Didalamnya bercerita tentang pemilihan gadis paling cantik dan menarik di dalam dunia perhantuan. Dibungkus dengan style cerita yang menarik, kreatif dan sangat inspiratif.

Naskah Drama Komedi Horor Untuk 8 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

Miss Phantom World

Some time ago, in the apparition world, next to the human world, the phantoms live peace and joyfully. They do their action like human in for the most part. In consistently, the apparition has one unique occasion. It calls Miss Ghost World’s Contest. The challenge is trailed by the whole phantom delegate in apparition world. The welcome is posted in the majority of the part in the phantom world.

One day oblivious mansion, there experienced an old witch. She was picked as the delegate from the west part. She sat on the seat and drank some espresso while was perusing the welcome.

The Witch : “Hmm, It’s a wonderful letter!” (Open the envelope)

“WHAT! It’s the letter of Miss Ghost World. Goodness, I will be the finalist in that challenge. I can’t trust it!” (Kneel)

The Witch felt so glad tolerating the welcome. Be that as it may, she was so pompous and believed that she must be the victor. She has an enchantment power. With her enchantment stick and flight sweeper she can do anything. She additionally has an enchantment mirror and she can see everything from it. Subsequent to tolerating the welcome, she’s taking a gander at her enchantment mirror to see her rivals…

The Witch : “Well… hold up… hold up… hold up..! This is a major and well known challenge. There must be such a large number of phantoms from numerous nations will go along with it. Ohh… I must win this challenge and I’ll do everything to be the victor. I wouldn’t give them the shot. I am the champ… Yeah, I am the victor… hihihi… uhuk… uhuk… Ohh, a mosquito enters my mouth. It’s alright. I trust it can discover the peace in my stomach… “

(Strolled to the enchantment mirror)

The Witch : “Now, I will look to my enchantment mirror. I am pondering to know the greater part of my rivals, the finalists of Miss Ghost World… “

(Spelling some enchantment spells… )

The Witch : “Enchantment Mirror on the divider! Demonstrate to me the all of Miss Ghosts World’s challengers… “

(At the point when the Witch said the enchantment spells, the mirror was demonstrating the Sundel Bolong playing the origami in Japan)

Sundel Bolong : “Hmm, its an extraordinary creation! It’s so delightful. There’s no phantom can make a winged creature like this… “

(At that point, the mirror demonstrated the second contender. It’s a Vampire)

Vampire : (brush her teeth)

“Hmm… hmm… hmm… Haiia,, its a sharp teeth ever!”

(After that, the enchantment mirror demonstrated the Mummy. It’s the third challenger)

Mummy : “Hoo… How poor I am! Take a gander at my body! It’s loaded with gauze and it generally free from my body. Anyone need to help me? Hoo… “

The Witch : “Hihihi… Oh, how poor you are! Demonstrate to me the following!”

(This time, it demonstrated the Werewolf and Kuntilanak)

Werewolf : “Auuuumm… Look at my nails! It’s so delightful. I can win the challenge with this… “

Kuntilanak : “Hihihi… My hair is so long and dark. It’s additionally a multifunctional hair. It can use to compass, clean the dust, and shield me from the mosquitoes… hihihi… “

The Witch : “Ughh… they are hard opponents. I must thrashing them in light of the fact that nobody apparition can win this challenge, with the exception of me! Hihihi… “

The greater part of the competitors from numerous nations, one by one, went to the spot where the challenge would be held and were gathered in the residence. They will live respectively in a week prior to the opposition starts. The primary comer was Sundel Bolong…

Sundel Bolong : “Where is the other phantom? Why is the spot so quiet? In Japan, we are dependably on time.”

(At that point comes Vampire)

Vampire : “Haiia… there is still one phantom in here. I think I am the first phantom that comes here.”

Sundel Bolong : “Hello there, I am Sundel Bolong from Japan. Pleasant to meet you”

Vampire : “Haiia… I am Vampire from China. Pleasant to meet you as well”

(When they’re talking, there comes Mummy… )

Mummy : “Hoo… Is there anyone who can help me? I feel hard to walk!”

Vampire : “Haiia… Who are you?”

Mummy : “Owh… I’m the finalist of this challenge.”

Vampire & Sundel Bolong : “Finalist?”

Mummy : “No doubt, I’m Mummy from Egypt.”

Sundel Bolong : “Hello there, you’re an astonishing apparition. Your outfit is so pleasant. You don’t squander the outfit, do you?”

Mummy : “Hoo… Don’t be insane! I generally feel the chilly ordinary due to my poor swathes. It can’t shield me from the wind.”

Werewolf : “Auuummm… What a quiet place!”


(All of a sudden the Werewolf came and when she’s arrived, the Witch came and hit the Werewolf)

Werewolf : “Heii!!! What’s the issue with you? It is safe to say that you are blind?!”

The Witch : ‘Ooh, my cap… ! Where is my cap? My flight floor brush… ! Where are they?”