Kumpulan Kata Sifat Bentukan Noun Beserta Contoh Kalimat Terlengkap

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Kumpulan Kata Sifat Bentukan Noun Beserta Contoh Kalimat Terlengkap

Kumpulan Kata Sifat Bentukan Noun Beserta Contoh Kalimat Terlengkap – Hai para pengunjung setia SBI, pada artikel kali ini admin akan memberikan kumpulan contoh kata sifat atau adjective yang terbentuk dari kata noun atau bisa juga disebut Derivation atau kata turunan. Admin menyertakan juga imbuhan ( Suffix ) yang membentuk kata itu menjadi kata sifat agar memudahkan teman – teman sekalian dalam memahaminya. Tanpa berlama – lama lagi langsung saja simak baik – baik materinya berikut ini!!!

Kumpulan Kata Sifat Bentukan Noun Beserta Contoh Kalimat Terlengkap
Kata Sifat Bentukan Noun Beserta Contoh Kalimat


1). Al, ial (improductive)

  • Agricultural :  I had a job in the agricultural field.
  • Bridal :  The bridal party came out into the church porch.
  • Commercial :  The movie was not a commercial film.
  • Emotional :  Mothers are often the ones who provide emotional support for the


  • Global :  We need to take a global approach to the problem.
  • Magical :  Her words had a magical effect on us.
  • Traditional :  Their marriage is very traditional.

2). Y (improductive)

  • Bossy             :  My friends don’t like it when I’m opinionated or bossy.
  • Breezy :  It was breezy and sunny outside.
  • Dewy :  I see her in the dewy flowers.
  • Inky :  The room was in inky darkness.
  • Lacy :  The young woman wore a lacy gown to the masquerade ball.
  • Moody :  My dad is being very moody today.
  • Mossy :  The stones were so mossy
  • Gloomy :  The chambers of the castle were dark and gloomy.

3). Ed (improductive)

  • Forested :  The province is heavily forested and sparsely populated.
  • Pointed :  His words were a pointed reminder of her position.
  • Talented :  My brother is a talented player.
  • Wooded :  he is in a wooded area.

4). Ly (improductive)

  • Timely :  An incident was prevented by the timely arrival of the police.
  • Worldly :  He was a worldly and seasoned man.
  • Heavenly :  This place is heavenly.
  • Ghostly :  The ghostly house gave me the chills.
  • Kingly :  The dog eats the meat with a kingly manner.

5). Ar

  • Circular : The circular road was difficult to navigate.
  • Columnar : The library has columnar                     
  • Muscular : The muscular boy lifted the heavy box with ease.
  • Spectacular : The view was spectacular from the top floor of the tallest building

6). Ful, les

  • Careful : When I was walking along the living room filled with vases, I was

              careful not to touch  them down.
Care-less          : It was careless of me to leave the door open.

  • Cheerful : I was looking very cheerful
    Cheerless         : The failure was a cheerless prospect.
  • Fearful : I was fearful because of the scary movie
    Fearless           : The people were fearless in the cave
  • Faithful : My Father is very faithful to my Mother.
    Faithless          : You must be faithless to all her words.
  • Useful : They bought a useful tool for carrying out a wide range of activity.
    Useless            : The chair was now useless because it was not comfortable to sit on.

7). Ous

  • Adventurous : I was on a adventurous trip in the jungle.
  • Dangerous : Firefighters have a dangerous occupation.
  • Furious : She was furious that he had stolen her earrings.
  • Humorous : Some people are humorous but others just don’t have the skill.
  • Glorious : The couple enjoyed a glorious trip to Bali.

8). Ish

  • Boyish :  The girls love his blue eyes, dimples and boyish grin.
  • Stylish :  That piece of clothing you are wearing right now is very stylish.
  • Foolish : Olivia’s foolish answer made her blush with shame.
  • Childish :  My brother is very childish.

9). Ary

  • Disclipnary : The teacher needed to take disciplinary action in order to make the

  student  behave in class.

  • Legendary :  Both Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were legendary musical


  • Planetary : Most scientists consider global warming to be a planetary emergency.
  • Primary : The primary source of information was from witness statements.
  • Visionary : The visionary leader created real change.
  • Revolutionary : The British surrendered, then the English won the revolutionary war.

10). Ing

  • Interesting : Sightseers in New York can find many interesting places to visit.
  • Astonishing : It’s astonishing how rude some people can be.
  • Disturbing : He was disturbing me while I was doing my homework.

11). Ic

  • Economic : Indonesians  hope that the new president has a cure for country’s the

  economic  woes.

  • Organic : I only eat organic apples to avoid pesticides.
  • Democratic : Barack Obama is democratic :
  • Romantic : I feel very romantic when I see the beautiful smile on your face.


 Negative Prefix

1). Un

  • Unattractive : The boy was unattractive.
  • Unclear : I can’t handle the unclear problem.
  • Unkind : She seemed very unkind.
  • Unhealthy : chocolate is very unhealthy for you.
  • Unpleasant : it was an unpleasant evening

2). Dis


  • Disadvantage : The other team had a disadvantage because they were missing one


  • Disbelief : The man was in total disbelief when he found out he made the show.
  • Distrust : The war caused much distrust between the countries.
  • Displeasure : The teacher was full of displeasure.


  • Disagree : The judge said that he is going to disagree and prove that the suspect was


  • Disappear : Thousands of children disappear each day in the United States.
  • Disarm : The police moved in to disarm the captured thieves.
  • Dislike : I dislike it when people are not nice.
  • Disobey : The word disobey is found in the dictionary.

3). In, im, ir, il

  • Inactive : The volcano has been inactive for many years.
  • Incapable : My mother told me to smile for the picture, but I was miserable, and

  simply incapable of doing so.

  • Incomplete : She used an incomplete sentence for the description.
  • Inconstant : Her promises were as inconstant as the moons appearence.
  • Inconvenient : It was quite inconvenient to have the building at the north end of the city
  • Inexact : Mathematics is not an inexact science.

  • Immature : You are so immature, with your constant complaining and tantrums.
  • Impatient : After two hours in the waiting room, I became impatient and left.
  • Immovable : Mother’s opinion was immovable once she has made a decision about our


  • Irrational : The irrational boy ran into the tree.
  • Irregular : Some pearls have an irregular shape
  • Irresponsible : This man is irresponsible because he does not do his homework.

  • Illegal : he followed in committing illegal actives.
  • Illegible : she is studying an illegible notes for a test

4). Non

  • Nonalcoholic : When my friends offered me some alcohol at a party, I declined it

  and told them that I was a nonalcoholic.

  • Nonstop : He booked a nonstop flight from New York City to Chicago.
  • Nonviolent : I to be nonviolent to my brother.

5). Mis


  • Misperception : Psychologists use the term misperception and assist their clients

  to  manage life problems.


  • Misbehave : Children misbehave when they are unsupervised.
  • Misinform : We were misinform on the whereabouts of the missing


  • Misunderstand : Please correct me if I misunderstand you, but I believe your

  answer is none.

  • Misspell : She misspell the word inconsiderate on her spelling test.
  • Mislead : I can mislead my sister very easily
  • Misuse : You may misuse your time.