Kumpulan Cerpen Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru Tentang Misteri

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Kumpulan Cerpen Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru Tentang Misteri – Ada banyak sekali manfaat jika kita sering membaca Cerpen (short Story) Dalam Bahasa Inggris  salah satunya adalah melatih kemampuan berbahasa kita. Tidak jarang juga sahabat SBI sering mendapat tugas untuk membuat sebuah Cerpen. Agar lebih mudah dalam mencari referensi saya berbagi Kumpulan Cerpen Dalam Inggris Indonesia Terbaru dan lengkap dibawah ini.

2 a.m.

A diligent, calm, and smart boy began his journey from his village to the town where he continued his study at a university. Bagus Alghani was a pride of the small village as he was familiar with his faith and he was also a son of the village chief. One of his weaknesses was that he was a snail. He rarely got out of his house and had only a few friends.

Riding an old ugly vehicle, he confused where to find a dormitory as he knew nothing about this town and he never came there before. It was a week before the lecture started. He wandered near the campus, but all dormitory around there were full.

A boy came to him when he took a rest in front of a mosque.

Hi boy, can I help you?

Are you a new student?

‘Yes, I am. I’m looking for a dormitory, but all of dormitory are full’, said bagus.

My name is abdul.

I’m bagus.

You are too late, every dormitory near here has been full. You must go bit far from here. I can show you the dorm if you wish’,said bagus.

Bagus received his offer because he really needed to find a dorm as soon as possible.

It was cheap, small and a bit disorder. He got no idea for finding another place.

He forced himself to stay at this hell. He was the only one occupant of the dormitory. Not only far from the campus, it was also dirty, silent, and stinky. Nothing’s good of this place excepted the owner who was patient and sociable.

The first night he slept at the dorm, he was awaken at 2.15 am, one thing that habitually happened when one occupied a new home. He then went on his sleeping.

A nice morning Bagus started his activity as a new student at a favorite university, he smiled along his way to campus.

He got tired of his activity at the campus. In his first day, he was introduced to the regulation of the campus. Rector, deans, and some professor also attended the event. He got no friend at that time because he was a closed boy.

At the second night he was awaken again with no reason at the same time 2.15 am. He couldn’t continue his sleeping. He was anxious and feeling something strange toward himself.

In the class, his lecture got mad of him because he was asleep. He was lucky that he was not sent out by the lecture. He was still forgiven by the lecture.

After the class, a beautiful girl came to him and began a conversation with him. He got his first friend from his class.

Why are you so sleepy?

Didn’t you sleep tonight?

My name is Imelda. Can I know your name?

Sure! I’m Bagus. I couldn’t sleep tonight. I’m not used to living at a dormitory. Are you my  classmate?

Yes, I am. I saw you were mocked by the lecture.

After having dinner at the dormitory. He went sleeping as he was very  tired and sleepy.

            In the third night he stayed at the dorm, he was awaken again at 2.15 am. He couldn’t sleep again until the sun knocked on my door.

             He had a class at 10 am at that day. He spent his leisure time at library to find some books he needed for doing his assignment. Suddenly someone called on his name.

            Hi gussss. How’s life?

            Just so so. What are you doing here?

            I need some books for reference of my scripts.

            ‘Owh I don’t know you are a student too.

            What about your dormitory?

            I’m still not used to it. I met some strange there. May be it is just my feeling, but it is so stronge.

Abdul didn’t know anything about this. He felt sorry to bagus.

            Bagus went to his class after getting some books for his assignment. He underwent his boring class with his boring professor named Tutu. An old professor who had served the university for fifty years.

            At the evening when he wanted to take a bath, he felt something from room 7. He slept at night because he had a lot of assignment.

            His three friends visited him to discuss about assignment. They were one group with Bagus. Bagus was the best student among them. He was persuaded by them to finish all the assignment himself while they were playing game.

            So many assignments so that they must stay at his dormitory that night. Bagus was so tired that he must give up and went sleeping while his friends had already slept.

            Again after he slept only for an hour, he was awaken at 2.15 am. He looked so tired with his eyes like panda’s eyes. He then slept again.

            He woke up at morning while his friends had gone. He decided to clean his dormitory by himself. At the store he found a bottle of anaesthetic which had been expired. He put it back just in case it was still needed.

            It was time for him to have lunch. At the canteen near his dormitory, the waitress ask him about his dormitory. The waitress told something about his dormitory.

            There was a boy used to live there, said the waitress.

            I felt something strange there too. What has happened? Asked Bagus.

            There was a boy who always brought his friend. they seemed to have a close brelationship. They looked so closed’, the waitress told him. But I never see them again for  about six month. Bagus left the canteen while thinking about waitress’s story.

Just as usual when he went to take a bath , he passed room seven. On the ventilasi of room seven he found a piece of letter which is the content as follow :

                        If only you knew how painful my heart was when I saw you with her. I can not let you belonged by someone else. I  prefer God taking you out from this earth to letting you be not mine.

Yonar P

 cerpen bahasa inggris

It was Yonar the one who was told by the waitress written in the paper. Bagus was getting more curious to know what was actually happening .

The fourth night was the most scary night. He got a dream which told him something.

There was a boy who fell in love with his friend. He often invited his friend to come to his dormitory. Friend of the boy said that his name was Joulhack. Joulhack seemed to be his friend. They spent all the day together, going to the same campus, playing playstation, even going to beach to see sunset. One day Joulhack was attracted by a girl in his class. He was planning to approach the girl. Yonnar switched to hate him due to it. If only Joulhack knew it. Yonnar was getting crazier when he knew Joulhack shot the girl.

Yonnar ask Joulhack to came to his dormitory. He made a party for Joulhack who had had a girlfriend. He served him some foods and wine. Joulhack turned to be very sleepy. He couldn’t bear anymore and fell asleep.

In his dream Joulhack asked Bagus to enter room 7 and dig the ground under the table. Bagus then woke up from his sleep and entered violently room seven. He began to dig. He was socked when he found a pile of skeleton. Immediately he took his phone and call Mr. Muji the owner of the dormitory. The next day he decided to move faraway from the dormitory.

Oke Demikianlah Cerpen dalam bahasa inggris .

Semoga bermanfaat buat para sahabat SBI yang baik hatinya.