Dongeng Sleeping Beauty Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

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Dongeng Sleeping Beauty Dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaik

Sekolahbahasainggris- Pernah dengar cerita dongeng Sleeping Beauty? Itu loh Cerita tentang Putri Tidur tapi dalam bahasa Inggris. Nah bagi yang penasaran atau sedang mencari referensinya yuk disimak cerita Sleeping Beauty berikut:

Sleeping Beauty

Along time ago, there are King and The queen lived in the castle. They had a problem that they had not have a child  which makes King and The Queen felt so sad. In one day, when the Queen walk to the river, there was a small fish on the river and said. “What makes you sad?” “I don’t have a child.” Queen answered. “Okay, you will have a child soon, don’t worry.” Fished continued.

Day by day had gone, and what fish predicted to her before came true; The Queen had a little girl. She was beautiful that made King so so happy after that moment and planned to make a big big party ever.

He invited all his family members, friends, and all the villagers in his kingdom. Also didn’t forget to invite fairy to come to the biggest party ever. In his kingdom he had 13 fairy but the gold plate was only 12. It made him to invite only 12 from 13 fairy.

Every invited guest had come including all 12 fairies. They give all the best gift to the princess. Goodness, Beauty, Rich. And everything.

 When a eleventh fairy finished giving her mercy, the thirteenth fairy came with all angrily face she had because she did not get an invitation. She was in cruel. She said , “When your daughter would in the age of fifteen she will get impaled by sewing needles and died.

“Then the twelve fairy came and said through giving mercy to the princess “I will give advanced the fore that a curse was said by the thirteenth fairy going to happen , but she only could extenuate the curse is , princess will not die , but only just fall asleep during a hundred years”. King was so worried about that then he saved the daughter from any of the threat of  sewing needles curse . Then all the sewing needles took out and destroyed .

Meanwhile , all blessing given by the fairy was consummated , like the princess being very beautiful , kind, friendly and everybody loved her.

But in some day, On the door hung a golden key , and when she opened the door , she saw an old woman sewed with sewing needles and looked very busy .”hi a good mother” , ‘ said the princess , “what are you doing here ?” “sewing and embroidery.” Old woman answered. Nodding her head. “how beautiful yours” said the princess. When she took sewing needles and began to embroider the accident came unexpectedly. She skewered by the needle and after that the princess fall to the ground lifeless as if not longer.

As foreseen, the princess will be impaled by sewing needles, the princess will not die , but would only asleep; Then the King and Queen who had just returned to the palace , and all the ministers also fall asleep, horses at home too, a dog in the yard, pigeons on the roof and the flies that are in the wall, everything fell asleep. Even fire be stopped, of meat roasted became stiff, a cook , everything was sleeping and silent.

Year by year Prickly wild plants were growing fastly and fence around the palace. The palace were surrounded by a thick prickly wild plant and it increased every year until all had been made the place can’t be seen again.  In addition, a roof and chimneys had not be seen because it. The news about beautiful princess who was fell asleep spread throughout the mainland, so many prince try to come and try to enter into the palace.

 But they never be a success because thorns and plants that are outspread interweave and entrap them as they were held by some hands to not let them came in, and finally they were not able to forward again. Through the years, people who had grown old told the story about a princess very beautiful.

Then a prince who hear it said, “all those stories will not scary me, i will go and see sleeping beauty.” Although his parents who told him prevented to go, prince was still in force to go away.

That was 100 years after princess fell a sleep, and when the prince were coming to scrub the palace, enclose with a fence he was seeing is just the beautiful plants that can go easily. The trees are close again with a meeting when the prince has been through.

When the prince were eventually arrived at the palace , he saw a dog that there is in the yard was dozing, so does a horse that there are at home the palace, and on the roof he saw pigeons are also fell asleep with the head under its wings; and when he came to the palace , he saw flies fell asleep on the walls of the palace.

When he came more into, everything seemed so quiet that he only could hear his own breathe; until he arrived at the old tower and opened the door where sleeping beauty was. Then he look that sleeping beauty was so pretty. The prince knel down and kissed the princess. So surprisingly sleeping beauty opened her eyes and woke up, smiling to the prince because of a curse of the fairies the thirteenth had broken.

 They both went out of the tower and in that moment the King and Queen also had awakened including all his ministers who looked at each other with astonishment.The horses the palace also woke up, the dogs also jump woke up and barking, the birds pigeon in a roof issued his head from under her wings, looked around and then fly to the heavens, flied that directly fluttering back.

Finally the King and Queen  was lived happily, after that they made the wedding party to the Princess and Prince as the best happy ending.

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