Dongeng Singkat: “Beauty And The Beast” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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Dongeng Singkat: “Beauty And The Beast” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris– Cerita dongeng si cantik dan si buruk rupa mengajarkan kita akan cinta sejati terhadap siapapun. Penasaran dengan perjuangan si putri dan si buruk rupa dalam bahasa Inggris? Yuk disimak disini:

Dongeng Singkat: “Beauty And The Beast” Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Dongeng Singkat: “Beauty And The Beast” Dalam Bahasa Inggris

“Beauty And The Beast”

Once upon a time, in a beautiful place there was a merchant who had three beautiful daughters named, Pretty, Sweety, and Beauty. One day, when the traders would gone to the market, all three daughters asked for something when he returned. Pretty asked him to buy a pretty dress, Sweety asked pearls but Beauty only wanted a rose.

When the merchant finished his business, he quickly went home. However, a sudden storm hit that forced him to stop on the way and seek shelter. Then he saw a large palace but he did not meet to one there, the merchants finally decided to take refuge in the castle.

On the next day, when the storm that blow subsided, the traders decided to continue the return journey. When he wished to get out of the palace, he saw a very beautiful rose contained in the palace garden. Remember his promise to Beauty, he ventured to pluck the roses. But suddenly a figure was with terrible beast out. Beast was angry because he found someone who dared to steal his roses.

Animals that wanted to kill the merchant. But traders beg to apologize to him. Then he told him that he promised to give a rose to her youngest daughter when she returned home.

“I will spare your life, but with one condition, bring your child to me!” The beast word.

The traders came back to his home with his face looked sad. He told the story to his family belong to Beauty.

“Dad, I’ll do anything for my father. Do not worry. I’ll live with it and save the lives of animals Dad!” Beauty said willingly.

Then Beauty began to live with the wild animals in the palace. At first, Beauty afraid of the beast, but then he knew that the beast was actually kind. In a short time, Beauty and the beast had became good friends.

The wild animals felt glad there were women who wanted to live with him. Loneliness experienced by many years was now gone. One day, the wild animals ventured weeks to ask Beauty to be his wife. Surprised, Beauty said no to the proposal from the wild animals. But the beast was not angry about it. Even the next day, the Beast brought the magic mirror to see his family were far away as a gift for her.

And one day, when Beauty was seeing the magic mirror she saw her father was seriously ill. He asked permission from the wild animal to let him take care of his father. Beast that could not refuse the request of the woman he loved. But the beast was requesting Beauty must be returned with in 7 days. Beauty was very grateful and rushed home to his family and take care of his father.

The merchant felt ill because of a broken heart knowing his beloved youngest daughter went and lived with wild animals because they wanted to protect him, his father. When Beauty stayed with him, the trader condition began to improve. However, Beauty forgot his promise to return to the palace within 7 days. In the evenings, Beauty got nightmares. He dreamed that the animals were dying.

Beauty scared, so she decided to return to the palace immediately. In the palace, she found the animal lying on the ground with his eyes closed. Beauty sad, then she hugged the animal and said that she would be her couple. Suddenly a miracle happened. The wild animals magically transformed into a handsome man.

“Actually, I was a prince of the palace. An evil witch turned me into an animal and only true love of a girl who was willing to accept me for that could turned me back to normal. Then the Beauty and the prince got married and lived happily in the palace forever.

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