Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris – English Kelas 8 SMP dan MTs

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Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris – English Kelas 8 SMP dan MTs – Kesempatan kali ini admin akan memberikan contoh soal Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas VIII. Jadi buat adik-adik dirumah yang ingin latihan mengerjakan soal Bahasa inggris, kalian bisa mencoba mengerjakan contoh soal Bahasa inggris dibawah ini.

 Read  The Text Carefully

The holiday had come. At first, I had no ideas how to spend my free time. I had no plan because I knew my parents were very busy. My father was finishing his project, while my mother had to take care my little sister. She was just five months.

 Luckily, one of my friends, Zaki, didn’t have any plans either. So he came to my house nearly every day during the holiday. We did a lot of things.

 On the first day, we went around the city by motorcycle. We stopped by at some malls in the city and enjoyed window shopping.

 The next day I thought Zaki how to play volleyball. It took three days for him to be able to do the service gswell.

We spent the last two days by visiting museum in our city: Ronggowarsito and Mandala Bakti museum. We learnt a lot of from the things displayed in the museum.

Answer the questions

  1. Why did the writer have no ideas to spend his holiday?
  2. What was his father doing then?
  3. How long was the holiday?
  4. Mention the things the writer did during the holiday.
  5. It took three days for him to be able to do the service.

What does the word him in the sentence above refer to?

                                                                                                              December 12, 2014

Jalan Permata No.15



Dear Tiara

I’m so glad knowing that you will come here next holiday. It’s been almost two years we haven’t met each other since our graduation. I miss you so much.

Any way, we have a new park. It is a beautiful place to hang out with friends and family. If you come here, I will take you there.

You said you would go by train. However, I don’t know when you will come here exactly. Please tell me the time, so I can pick you up at the railway station.

O.K, that’s all for you now. Please reply soon. Send my love to your parents.





Answer the questions

  1. Where will Tiara plan to spend her next holiday?
  2. How long have they been separated?
  3. If you come here I will take you there

What does the word there in the sentence above refer to?

  1. What will Donita do when Tiara come?
  2. How would Tiara go to Donita’s town?

contoh soal bahasa inggris - english kelas 8 SMP dan MTs

Complete the text by choosing the correct verb form.

            Marissa is an SMP student. She (1)……white shirt and blue skirt as her uniform to  the group on the scout activity tomorrow. Now, she (3)……everything she need for the activity.

            Nadia is the member of Marissa’s group. She won’t follow the scout activity because she is sick. Yesterday, Nadia (4)….the doctor to check her illness. . When the doctor (5)……Nadia, Mrs. Ratih, Nadia’s mother came in and asked what illness was Nadia suffered. The doctor said that her daughter got stomachache and must stay in bed for three days.

  1. a. wear                     b. wears                       c. is wearing                d. to wear
  2. a. leads                    b. lead                         c. is leading                 d. will lead
  3. a. is preparing          b. prepares                   c. prepared                  d. to prepare
  4. a. visit                      b. visits                        c. visited                      d. visiting
  5. examine                   b. is examining            c. was examining         d. examined

Complete the text with the words available in the box

            Yesterday morning I helped mother (1)……the yard. Suddenly, she (2)….loudly. I was (3)….. You know why? She (4)….a big caterpillar (5)…..near her feet.

            This is the caterpillar. It is big and has no (6)….on its body. The head and the (7)…..look similar. It has yellow and red (8)….. There are black (9)…..and yellow circles which decorate its body. Although it looks scary, it may become a beautiful (10)… day.

tail          crawling           butterfly        sweep            fur                  shocked


stripes     black                cried              legs               saw                 dots

Arrange the jumbled words to make good sentences.

  1. the study club – Rita’s – join – Farhan – next – at – house – Sunday – will
  2. ceremony – a speech – gave – the head master – this morning – flag – on
  3. is – lesson – seriously – the teacher – English – explaining .
  4. durian – in – has – uncle – garden – his – trees – my.
  5. playing – when – were – them – marble – Mr. Robert – they – called.