Contoh Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Dunia Pendidikan Terupdate

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Contoh Pidato Dalam Bahasa Inggris Tentang Dunia Pendidikan Terupdate – Pidato dalam bahasa inggris sering menjadi sebuah cabang lomba. Pada  ini saya akan memberikan beberapa contoh pidato dalam bahasa inggris. Pidato biasanya disampaikan dalam acara sambutan- sambutan atau perpisahan. Ada juga pidato yang dilakukan untuk keperluan lain. Ada banyak sekali tema yang bisa kita pilih dalam membuat teks pidato bahasa inggris, diantaranya adalah : pidato tentang pendidikan, kesehatan, bahasa merokok, bahaya narkoba, dan masih banyak lagi yang bisa kita pilih. Dan yang terpenting harus uptodate ya teman – teman.

Pidato dibawah ini bisa anda jadikan sebagai referensi teman-teman dalam membuat naskah pidato. Anda juga harus memperhatikan gaya bahasa yang akan teman-teman gunakan dalam naskah pidato nantinya. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan baca dan pelajari contoh pidato dalam bahasa di bwah ini.

 contoh pidato dalam bahasa inggris tentang dunia pendidikan

Contoh Pidato bahasa Inggris Tentang pendidikan

The Importance of Learning English

The honourable Principals SMAN 2 METRO, all of the teachers SMAN 2 METRO and all of my friends from class 10 to 12.

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

Good Morning !!!

Firstly I’d like to invite all of you to give thanks to the presence of Almighty God, ALLAH SWT, who has given us the blessing and guidance, therefore we can gather here in this blessed place. And I also do not forget to submit your prayer and greetings to our prophet Nabi Muhammad SAW, who has brought us from darkness to brighter, so we are always on the right path until the end of the world.

Now I stand here in this stage to deliver my speech, entitled “The Important of Learning English. “Is it important to learn English?” some people maybe say that the important of learning English with a various opinions and reasons.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Why do we learn English? All languages ​​without exception used for communication. The essence of language learning, in general term, is to learn to communicate. We also know that the English language has been admitted as an international language. People from various backgrounds geography, culture and religion has been put together by an international language agreed to communicate with each other, namely English. In this globalization era, language skills (English) must  be able to compete. So, we learn English because this language is an international language.

Of course, we learn a foreign language for a specific purpose. People learn English also has a specific purpose, they have a specific purpose in learning the language because they know exactly what benefits they will get from the English. There are many benefits of English that we know even still much that is unknown. The concept of thinking we had been too narrow in addressing the sense of learning English as a learning activity in school with the only purpose to get the value of the standard (pass the exam). This then makes us feel lazy, sleepy and hunger are often felt in the hour English lesson begins. Is that true my friend?????

To motivate and stimulate our interest in learning English, of course, English learners must know what benefits they will get if they are proficient in English.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Learning English is very IMPORTANT. Each individual has their view and reason about important or not learning English. But in common ways, there is no reason not to improve your English language skills. So the reason the classical reason that limits you to learn English.

You are too busy, English is too difficult or you do not need foreign language skills that one can not be accepted in view of the importance of learning English in the Globalization Era  Globalization nowadays.

You can imagine my friend. if you could speak English, so you can communicate with more than 3 billion people all over the world. This means that five of the ten people in this world can speak in English, and the amount of learner continues to grow. For example, in China itself, the number of learner English has exceeded the total population of the United States. If you speak English, you can chat online, write a letter and around the world using a foreign language!

Most international business is conducted in English. If you want a managerial positions in multinational companies, most likely you will be required to be able to speak English. A number of prestigious companies even now set the IELTS or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the minimum for potential job applicants. The world of technology, aviation, tourism and diplomatic depend closely on the English language. You can also become a translator of English, etc.

English is the official language, or at least have a special status in 80 countries and used in more than 100 countries. English is the international language of business, sports, academic, science, technology, and advertising. You do not need to use the service of the English translator.

Many of the foreign language books are only translated into English. If you can read English, you will have the option of reading a much more diverse; same is the case with the movie. Now,  the role of the greater English translator as well.

You might think that a lot of sites that are translated into Indonesian. But the fact is, 90% of electronic information is only available in English. While 10% of the others was not all dominated by Indonesian, but also foreign languages ​​other non-English, such as Chinese, Japanese, Germany, and so on. So imagine just how many percent of all the information on the internet that is presented in Indonesian. You do not need tools / translator in English .

Researcher and scientists around the world to communicate with each other in English. Scientific conferences was held in English and the research results are also published in English language journals. More than two or thirds of scientists around the world read in English.

English in the business world it is used for business , correspondence and meetings with Caucasians Caucasians who do not want to learn and do not speak Indonesian. But the most important purpose of my writing is, It is enough to speak to foreigners who can not and do not want to learn Indonesian. It is do not need to proceed in conversation everyday, do not over- reacting and thinking that by being able to speak English in public places you feel you are a higher degree than others .

If you are more comfortable with English, please speak English fully (full and complete conversation in English ), do not talk hodgepodge. It was very humiliating and underestimating yourself.

Therefore, it is important to learn the English language  school to upper level students and students that have the nation’s next international outlook which will determine the future of our country Indonesia.

I think that’s all., that I can say to you on this occasion, thank you so much for your nice attention and I apologize for my mistakes that I had made and I say the final word:

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.