Contoh Percakapan (Conversation) Bahasa Inggris Antara 4 Orang

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Contoh Percakapan(Conversation) Bahasa Inggris Antara 4 Orang Sahabat bingung membuat percakapan bahasa Inggris antar 4 orang? Yuk sahabat pelajari referensi yang admin buat untuk pembelajaran kalian. Good luck!

Contoh Percakapan (Conversation) Bahasa Inggris Antara 4 Orang
Contoh Percakapan (Conversation) Bahasa Inggris Antara 4 Orang

The Conversation between 4 people in the garden. They try to plant vegetables and fruits there. Read and practice this conversation with your friends:

Patrick                  :Have you brought all the seeds to the basket before we plant them.

Sandy                    :I guess so, Billy have just brought it.

Billy                        :Yeah, I don’t forget about it

Jennifer                 : Patrick, which vegetables we want to plant first?

Patrick                  :How about the water spinach. I like it. And this is the most cheap and nutritious vegetables.

Billy                        :Really? I don’t think so?

Have you ever heard that American government has banned it to be planted in America.

Sandy                    :How pitty!

But I loved too.

Jennifer                 :Why it is banned?

Billy                        :It contains more harms than goods. And it has less nutrition.

Patrick                  :So, I have just understand it.

Which vegetables do you like Billy?

Billy                        : I like to eat Carrots

So I will plant it first

Patrick                  :Ok,

Here you are..

Jennifer                :I’d like to plant Fruits than vegetables.

I would plant watermelon, Oranges, and Grapes

Sandy                    : Grapes?

Can it grow here?

Billy                        : I don’t think so.

It live in the place over 700 mdpl like in Bogor

Patrick                  :Yes, I agree with you.

Do you like starsfruits?

Billy                        :I like it

Sweet, and a bite sour.

Jennifer                 :Me too..

My mom usually buy it every week

Sandy                    : I don’t

They plant the seeds of oranges, spinach, watermelon, and starfruits. It takes 3 hours. And the days gonna noon. The weather are hot now.

Sandy                    :OMG.

Is the weather sunny?

Jennifer                : What a hot day, isn’t it?

Patrick                  ; I need I glass of oranges juice with a cube of ice

Billy                        :It sounds better!

I will bring it for you guys..!

Later, Billy brings the juices. They are having day with Oranges juices, making a joke. And continuing planting the vegetables and fruits.

Semoga Bermanfaat para pembaca SBI!!!

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