Contoh Percakapan 2 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Di Kantor

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Contoh Percakapan 2 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Di Kantor

SekolahbahasainggrisPercakapan sering kita lakukan dalam kehidupan sehari-hai, ketika kerja di kantor pun kita sering bercakap-cakap dengan rekan kerja kita. Untuk jadi referensi kalian, yuk disismak materi dibawah ini:

Contoh Percakapan 2 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Di Kantor
Contoh Percakapan 2 Orang Dalam Bahasa Inggris Di Kantor

This conversation between Boss and his secretary. They are in the office in doing their job.

Saras: Here are some reports to be signed, Sir.

Mr.Tri: Any call or message for me?

Saras: No, Sir.

Mr.Tri: (While giving the reports which have been signed). Saras, Please send an email to Mr.Budi from the Ministry of Health. Tell him that our company is interested in his projects. Ask him to attach us his latest designs andsend a copy of them to Mrs. Shinta. Emphasize that we lookforward to his immediate reply.

Saras: All right, Sir. Anything else, Sir?

Mr.Tri: Yes, Saras. Write a memo to all our employees that there is a new policy. Allthe employees have to attend Saturday Fresh at 8 sharp in our indoor hall. There will be a direct disciplinary action from me to those who do not attend it without a good reason.

Saras: Then, is it going to be a must, Sir?

Mr.Tri: Absolutely yes, Most of our employeses seldom have their self-exercise. I intend to reduce the health insurance cost. And Saturday Fresh is starting point. All of us have to obey this policy.

Saras: Including you, Sir?

Mr.Tri: Yes, Of course. The leader must be amodel.

Saras: That’s kind of you, Sir!

When will it start, Sir?

Mr.Tri:Next Saturday, at 8 sharp.

Saras:Fine, Sir. I’ve got that. Anything else, Sir?

Mr.Tri:That’s all for now, I think.

Saras: All right, Sir. I’ll do my work right now.

Mr.Tri: This is your documents, I am forget to give it to you before.

Here you are.

Saras: Ok.

Mr.Tri: Thank you, Saras

Saras: It doesn’t matter, Sir.

Good Luck SBI’s Friends!!!

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