Contoh Naskah Drama Dalam Bahasa Inggris Untuk 8 Orang Tentang Cerita Rakyat

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Contoh Naskah Drama Dalam Bahasa Inggris 8 Orang Tentang Cerita Rakyat – Hi Sahabat-Sahabat SBI, pada kesempatan kali ini, saya akan memberikan contoh naskah ada sebuah drama yang dibuat oleh sebuah kelompok makahasiswa seni pertunjukan dari Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris di Universitas Lampung. Drama yang berjudul “Radin Jambat” ini mengangkat dari cerita rakyat Lampung.

The Script of Radin Jambat

Once upon a time there was a beautiful land namely Punigaran that was governed by a wise and great king namely Kyai Sang Ratu Jambi who had a dauntless and strong son namely Radin Jambat. This story started when the king held a celebration for his one and the only son who had grown up. At that time, that son who became a man would sail along the reaches of an ocean, looking for a wife.

One day, when the king and his wife, Pelita Raja Nyawa were sun bathing, Mangku Bumi came and planned to do the same thing, and here the story began..

The King         : Hey Mangkubumi!

Mangkubumi   : Yes, your majesty.

The King         : You know that my son, Radin Jambat now has grown up and he has to look for a wife, didn’t you?

Mangkubumi   : I really apologize your majesty. But I have an idea why don’t we put Radin Jambat in our troops? I will be ready to accompany him.

The King         : It is not necessary. I don’t want to see my son looked so spoiled in other kingdom.

The Queen       : Hold on dear, if there is no troop who will be accompanying our son, I will not allow him to go by himself.

Mangkubumi   : Pardon me your majesty, I have an idea how if I accompany him in his journey?

The King         : Allright. Please, Mangkubumis guard him!

Mangkubumi   : Yes, your Majesty. Let me take leave.

Mangkubumi immediately left the king and queen and then he gathered all people from all over Punigaran Land to celebrate Raden jambat’s party. After the celebration party was over, Radin Jambat asked his parents’ blessing.

Radin Jambat   : Father, May i have  permitted to look for a wife. Hopefully, I will get an adorable wife.

The King: Please, stand up my son. Wander and explore this world and find a nice wife and take her to Punigaran.

Radin Jambat: Mother, I ask your permission to look for a wife. Hopefully, I can get an adorable wife like you.

The Queen       : Go my son! Don’t come home if you still don’t get your ideal and adorable wife. I will always pray for you.

After getting blessing from his parents, Radin Jambat was boating together with Mangkubumi. Day by day passed, till they were arriving at the edge of a limitless ocean. The boat that became Radin Jambat’s life passed. It didn’t take any longer when they were arriving in a place named “Beringin Tanah Mayat”, a place that was used to test the divine power. In this place, they were stopping and resting. The next morning, Radin Jambat meditated under a banyan tree to ask his will to Dewa. He burned incense. This thing made the door of heaven was full of smoke. Suddenly, there was a Dewa who was coming to see him.

Dewa   : Hey, Haga ngapi niku dija?

Radin  : Pardon me for what has been done by me, Dewa. I,Myself, Radin Jambat, would like to look for a wife. Would u mind help me, Dewa.

Dewa   : Okay, I will tell you there is a woman who’s perfectly matching you. I have acquaintance in the north. I believe that she is really matching you because she has a gentle heart and sweet heart. How about that?

Radin  : If I marry her, she only will primp herself everyday and it will waste the time.

Dewa   : All right if don’t like this woman but I still have one more. She is in the north-west. She is very rich and you’ll be happy with her.

Radin  : Not really, Dewa. If I marry her, her riches will exceed my riches.

Dewa   : Fine then. What types of wife do you look for?

Radin  : I only want Betik Hati Princess, daughter of Ratu Rebut Agung.

Dewa   : What did you say? Putri Betik Hati? Seemingly you cannot fulfill your will. You know that she has 40 fiances. You can’t handle it.

Radin  : I don’t even care about that. I still want her for sure.

Dewa   : All right then, I understand if you still insist. I will give you many kinds of divine powers.

Radin  : Thanks, Dewa.

Dewa   : Follow me.

After that, Dewa Subiji immediately transfered his divine power to Radin Jambat with all his strength It didn’t take any longer after transfering his power, Dewa Subiji left him. Then Radin Jambat and Mangkubumi continued their journey. The next day, Radin Jambat and Mangkubumi were arriving in “Simpang Laut Tiga”. They were confused to choose which one will lead them to their destination. In the middle of the sea, they saw mythical bird that was eating branches. Then, what happen next??

Radin  : Hi mythical bird! Do you know the way to the daughter of Ratu Rebut Agung’s place?

Bird     : If that way that you mean, just walk in the middle of the road you’ve chosen before. It is the most appropriate way.

Radin  : Thanks mythical bird.

After that Radin Jambat and Mangkubumi were starting to paddle the boat to pass the middle way.

Bird     : What a fool men!! They were tricked by me!! hahaha

Radin  : Hey mythical bird! Did you think we don’t know that you wanted to trick us?

Bird     : Seemingly you heard what I was saying, didn’t you?

Radin  : Oh c’mon , I can hear your louse’s voice even less!!

Mangkubumi: how dare you?! Trying to fool us??

Bird     : So you’ve all noticed it, haven’t you? Okay, I’ll go!!

Then, they were wandering about and boating without any clear destination and indefinite direction. But, Radin Jambat can find the way by himself. Finally, they immediately headed to the upper course of the river, the place where Betik Hati princess usually took a bath. When arriving in the upper course of the river, they left the boat. Then they have been resting for 2 nights. The condition remained silent and there was nothing happened. But when it was coming close to the third night, in the middle of the day, Radin Setangkai Ali, one of the princess’s fiancés was taking a bath in the river while he was seeing Radin Jambat’s boat.

Setangkai  : Who are you?! Dare to belay here without any permission from me.

Mangkubumi : Hey you! Dare you breaking our boat’s rope! I will smash you down!

Setangkai  : come here and fight me!

Mangkubumi : what an insolent person you are!

Radin : Stop it Mangkubumi! What are you doing?! Don’t be so harsh like that. We are guest here. Just bind our boat with rope.

Mangkubumi : But, radin. He is really annoying by cutting our ropes 7 times. May i kick his ass?

Radin        : okay fine, you fight him.

Mangkubumi:              Okay Radin!

The fight was so sardonic. Unfortunately, Radin Setakai Ali was defeated and back home. In the next day, Radin Jambat and mangkubumi headed to Kampong to look around. And Radin Jambat continued his trip to investigate 40 fiances of Putri Betik Hati. Then he arrived at a booth.

Radin Jambat  : “Excuse me.”

Villager 1        : “Yes what can I do for you?”

Radin Jambat  : ”Where is Putri Betik Hati’s house?”

Villager 2        : “Yes That’s Right. Please come into the house first.”

Radin Jambat  : Introduce myself. I am Radin Jambat. Do you know where Putri Betik Hati’s house is ?

Villager 3        : Putri Betik Hati was the princess With prettiest heart I’ve ever seen. Until now no one able to get her heart.

Villager 2        : “That’s right, it was hard to get Putri Betik Hati’s  heart.

Radin Jambat  : I’m more curious, can you show where Putri Betik Hati’s  house is?”
Villager 1        : Well if you want to go to Putri Betik Hati’s house, follow my path.

Radin Jambat  : okay

Radin Jamban  invited  Mangkubumi to get around. Suddenly, he saw a man who was sitting at pepadun.

Radin Jambat  : “Excuse me, good afternoon, sir. I radin jambat, the handsome prince of the country punigaran.”

Emak : Oh Why do you come here?

Radin Jambat  :” I want to meet Putri Betik Hati.

Emak : Well there is a time you can come here.

Radin Jambat  : “well then we’ll excuse Maam, We will wander.

Emak came into the house and met her husband.

Emak : I had met Radin Jambat, my darling.

Bapak : where? Then what is his purpose?”

Emak : He said he wants to marry our daughter.”

Bapak : Really? I should see him first”

The next day, Radin Jambat met Putri Betik Hati’s mother again and asked for permission to too see Putri Betik Hati.

Radin Jambat  : “excuse me, Your Majesty.”

Emak   : “yes, Jambat. Why do you come here?”

Radin Jambat  : ”I want to meet and talk to your daughter.”

Aunt    : ”come with me.”

Radin jambat and Ratu Rebut Agung walked towards the residence of Putri Betik Hati, when he got there, he found her was sitting in a chair with a look full of tenderness, bright and seductive expression. Her smile would make every man enchanted.

RADIN JAMBAT      : “Hi, I am Radin Jambat. Are you Putri Betik Hati?”

PBH    : “Yes, I am Putri Betik Hati.” (shaking hand)

RADIN JAMBAT      : “You’re so beautiful.”

PBH    :“Ouch you hurt my hand.”
RADIN JAMBAT      : “Oh I’m sorry.”

PBH    : “Never mind.”

Because were still shy they decided to communicate by letter. But, Radin Setakai Ali realized that Putri Betik Hati felt in love with Radin Jambat. And he was very angry, so that he planned to persuade other fiances to attack Radin Jambat.

Emak   : “Let’s go, Putri! Your fiances will come here to attack Radin Jambat.”

Radin Jambat  : ”What happen? Why do you want to go?”

Putri    : “Look, they are my fiancés! They looked angry and carrying many weapons. I’m afraid if something happens to you, Radin.

Radin Jambat  : “But I am the most handsome man in my Kingdom that have powerful strength, Your Majesty and Putri, please go from here!”

Then radin jambat proudly stood facing his opponents.

Setakai Ali      : “Jambat, if you still want to live, leave this kingdom and leave Putri Betik Hati!”

Radin Jambat  : “If you’re brave enough, now we fight.”

Raden Jambat and Radin Setakai Ali fought each other. But then, Radin Jambat defeated Radin Setakai Ali. Radin Jambat didn’t go back to his biduk, but, he went to meet Putri Betik Hati and Ratu Rebut Agung to ask a permission.

 contoh naskah drama bahasa inggris

Emak               : “Putri, there is someone who looks for you.”

Putri                : (Putri came closer) “Radin jambat, what are you doin here? It’s still early in the morning.”

Radin Jambat  : “I have something to tell you.”

Putri                : “What is it? Tell me now.”

Radin Jambat  : “I will go back to Punigaran. But, before that, i will tell you that i want to marry you. Would you marry me?”

Emak               : “Accept it putri, he is so adorable.”

Putri                : “oh, come on Mother.”

Radin Jambat  : “I hope you could be mine.”

Putri               : “But i have 40 fieances.”

Radin Jambat  : “Whatever, I want you to be my wife. If there is someone who tries to  bother us, I’ll kill him.

Putri    : but you have a requirement to marry me. You should request an approval to marry me from my parents.”

Radin Jambat  : allright, it is easy.

Putri    : wait wait. It should be done in one night.

Radin Jambat  : okey, i’ll do it tonight

Night came gradually, radin jambat started his magical words and burned incense. Then, suddenly he went to putri’s house like a thunder.

Radin Jambat  : excuse me, good night.

Ratu    : who is that?

Radin Jambat  : my name is radin jambat.

Ratu    : oh radin jambat. Come in. Wah, you are so handsome. Kanda, putri, jambat is coming.

Raja     :jambat, what do you want by coming here  at night?

Radin Jambat  : here I come to tell you about my feeling to your daughter. I’m falling in love with your daughter, and I want to marry her.

Raja     : What?! How dare you to talk like that?! Who do you think you are?! If you really love my daughter you must pass my challenge first!! You must defeat all her 40 fiances!

Radin : Pardon me, my majesty. Not intending to be impolite, I just want to ask your permission to take your daughter as my wife. With a honour, I, Radin Jambad would like to accept your challenge.

Ratu    : Hold on my dear. Is that too much for him to be burdened by your challenge? Please, consider it wisely before you give him that challenge.

Raja : Please, don’t worry my dear. I only want to measure his power. I have to make sure how far he can protect our daughter. It is his responsibility to protect our daughter.

Ratu    : Okay, but I want to make sure again. I want to ask our daughter. How putri? Would you marry him?

Putri    : if radin loves me, so i couldn’t refuse it coz i want to accompany radin too till the end

Raja     : okey, if each of you are falling in love too.

Radin Jambat  : thank you my majesty. Now i will bring putri to punigaran.

Raja     : okey, be carefull my son.

Radin Jambat  : now we should go.

Radin Jambat went to Negeri Tanah Mayat. In that place, Mangkubumi was waiting for him. They were ready to beat 40 fiancees of Putri Betik Hati. First rival is Radin Setakai Ali.

Setakai Ali      : hey jambat! Who do you think you are? What do you mean by taking Putri Betik Hati from me. I won’t let you go easily. I’ll kill you.

Radin              : “I love Putri Betik Hati and she had agreed to marry me.”

The fight was started and Radin Jambat succeeded to kill Radin Setakai Ali. Seeing his friend was death, other fiances started showing their strength to beat Radin Jambat. Didn’t take any longer, the fiances were  killed by radin jambat too. Then, he met Mangkubumi. They walked to go to biduk. They ate and changed their clothes. After taking a rest for 3 days, they once again made sure that there was no one of Putri Betik Hati’s fiances alive.

Radin Jambat, Putri Betik Hati, And Ratu Rebut Agung went to Punigaran. On the way, Putri Betik Hati got sick.

PBH    : my body is faint and i feel dizzy.

Radin Jambat  : You look so pale. Can i see your hand. (taking her hand and saying his magical words). How do you feel now? Better?

PBH    : thank you radin, i feel better now.

They went to radin jambat’s kingdom, Punigaran. After several days, they arrived. All people in this place accepted them happily.

Radin Jambat  : father, mother….

Ratu    : jambat, is she the one who you need and you want ?

Radin Jambat  : yes it’s true ibunda, she isputri betik hati.

Raja     : you take a good choice, jambat. She is very polite and soft. My citizen, Tomorrow we will held my marriage party of my son and putri betik hati.

Citizen : horeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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