Contoh Latihan Soal Parallel Dan Elliptical Sentence ( Pilihan Ganda )

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Contoh Latihan Soal Parallel Dan Elliptical Sentence ( Pilihan Ganda )

EXERCISE Parallel And Elliptical Sentence

Contoh Soal Dikutip Dari BUKU : MEGA BANK OF GRAMMAR


1.    My little sister takes English course every Wednesday………..

A.    Whereas my cousin does
B.    Whereas my cousin did
C.    Whereas my cousin doesn’t
D.    Whereas my cousin didn’t
E.    Whereas my cousin haven’t

2.    I watched Fast and Furious 6 at the cinema yesterday, ………..

A.    But my friend didn’t
B.    But my friend doesn’t
C.    But my friend does
D.    But my friend did
E.    But my friend hasn’t

3.    I will go to the traditional market tomorrow,………..

A.    And Maria would too
B.    And Maria will too
C.    And Maria have to
D.    And Maria will go to
E.    And Maria will go to the traditional market tomorrow

4.    I was buying some comics at the bookstore yesterday,………..

A.    And so is my little sister
B.    And so has my little sister
C.    And so was my little sister
D.    And so were my little sister
E.    And so had been my luttle sister

5.    I can not accompany my mother to the airport………..

A.    And my brother can’t either
B.    And my brother couldn’t either
C.    And my brother can’t neither
D.    And my brother couldn’t neither
E.    And my brother can’t too

6.    Neither my father……… brother went fishing yesterday.

A.    Or
B.    Nor
C.    And
D.    But
E.    Than

7.    I sweep the floor every day,………..

A.    And so did Risa
B.    And so does Risa
C.    And so was Risa
D.    And so is Risa
E.    And so were Risa

8.    I was watching Super Junior concert last week,………..

A.    And they were so
B.    And so were they
C.    And so was they
D.    And they was so
E.    And are they

9.    I love watching Korean drama as well as………..

A.    To listen Korean songs
B.    Listening to Korean songs
C.    To be listening Korean songs
D.    To be listen Korean songs
E.    To listening Korean songs

10. Andy is not only handsome ……….. diligent

A.    And
B.    But
C.    But also
D.    Also
E.    So


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