Kumpulan Contoh Kata Pengantar Dalam Bahasa Inggris Yang Baik dan Benar

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Kumpulan Contoh Kata Pengantar Dalam Bahasa Inggris Yang Baik dan Benar –  Sahabat SBI yang super, dalam membuat karya tulis, makalah atau skripsi tentunya kita harus mencantumkan Kata Pengantar. Bisa dibilang Kata Pengantar merupakan elemen penting yang harus ada dalam sebuah makalah, karya tulis, atau skripsi. Dibawah ini adalah contoh Kata Pengantar dalam Bahasa Inggis yang saya ambil dari skripsi saya sendiri. Check This Out!


 Contoh Kata Pengantar Dalam bahasa Inggris


In the name of Allah SWT, the beneficent and merciful. All praise is merely to The Mightiest Allah SWT, the lord of the worlds, for the gracious mercy and tremendous blessing that enable me to accomplish this script. This research report entitled “Implementation Jigsaw Cooperative Learning in Teaching Reading at the Second Grade Students of SMA N 2 Kota Metro”, is submitted to fulfill one of the requirements in accomplishing the S-1 Degree Program at the Department of Language and Arts of Teacher Training and Education Faculty, University of Lampung.

 There are many individuals who have generously suggested to improve this research report. First of all the writer would like to express his sincere gratitude and respect to his first advisor, Ujang Suparman, Ph.D., and his second advisor, Drs. Sudirman, M.Pd., who have contributed and given their valuable evaluations, comments, and suggestions during the completion and accomplishing of this research report. The writer also would like to express his deepest gratitude and respect to Drs. Basturi Hasan, M.Pd., as his examiner who has generously contributed his suggestion and criticism for the improvement of this research report and also the deepest appreciate for all the lecturers of English Department.

 The writer also wants to extend her appreciation to Hartanto, S.Pd., the headmaster of SMAN 2 Kota Metro, for providing the opportunity to conduct this research. Then, next appreciation is addressed to Drs. Suprapto as the English teacher in SMAN 2 Kota Metro for being so helpful during the research process in her class. Besides, the writer also extends her thankfulness to students of class XI.IPA 1 for their willingness, cooperation, and participation in this research.

 The writer address sincere gratefulness to his friends, the 45 family: Luki, Fadhil, Rahmat, Ujang, Rio, Alex, Bedul, Ferdy, Fajar Ahlan, Yosi and Bayu. The next appreciation is also expressed to all members of UKM ESO UNILA and all 2010 colleagues of English Department in Lampung University. Thank you so much for being such a great companion along the way in finishing this script and for the unbreakable friendship.

 The other supports also come from Affriyan Eko, Yudi, Harris Tamzil, Nandita Wana, Tanjung Wulandari, Kharisma Juve, Wahyudi, Okky, Aryo, Lanang

 Last but not least, his special gratitude and indebtedness are dedicated to his beloved mother, Gilyawati and his beloved father, Murjio, who always give their loves, prayers, supports, and encouragements for every single path the writer chooses. Special thankfullness is also due to his beloved sister Tika Listiana and  Eliza Damayanti, also my grandmother and grandfather for their loves, prayers, supports.

 Hopefully, this script would give a positive contribution to the educational development or those who want to carry out further research.

Bandar Lampung, Maret 2015

Dani Erfan Saputro



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