Cara Memberi Komentar Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contoh Percakapan

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Cara Memberi Komentar Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contoh Percakapan

Cara Memberi Komentar Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contoh Percakapan – Memberikan sebuah komentar pasti dilakukan setiap orang. Memberikan komentar sering sekali kita temukan dalam berbagai situasi. Memang memberikan komentar itu sebaiknya yang bersifat membangun dan  diungkapkan secara baik tanpa menyinggung orang lain. Berkomentar dalam bahasa inggris pun ada aturannya. Kita harus tetap menjaga perasaan seseorang yang kita komentari.

Cara Memberi Komentar Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contoh Percakapan
Cara Memberi Komentar Dalam Bahasa Inggris Beserta Contoh Percakapan

Adapun  cara memberikan komentar dalam bahasa Inggris dengan baik seperti berikut ini:


Jika kalian ingin berkomentar atau memasukkan komentar pada sebuah percakapan yang sedang berlangsung ada baiknya jika mendengarkan lebih dahulu komentar orang tersebut sebelum menyampaikan komentar dan ide-ide kita sendiri.


Dibawah ini adalah beberapa ungkapan untuk mengawali sebuah komentar:

  1. That is interesting point. I think that… (Hal itu menarik. Aku pikir bahwa…)
  2. Interesting topic. I would like to add… (Ide yang menarik. Aku akan menambahkan…)
  3. Hmm. I did not think of that before. (Hmmm. Aku tidak berpikir seperti itu sebelumnya)

Pertanyaan juga bisa menjadi cara yang bermanfaat untuk memberi ide-ide baru dalam sebuah percakapan. Simak baik – baik contohnya berikut ini :

  1. What do you think about . . .(Apa yang kamu pikirkan tentang…)
  2. Haveyou considered . . . (Anggapan apa yang anda berikan…)
  3. What is ur opinion. . . (Bagaimana tentang…)

Kadang-kadang pendekatan yang lebih langsung yang lebih sesuai adalah:

  1. Can I add something here? (Dapatkah saya menambahkan sesuatu disini?)
  2. Would you mind if I interject something here? ((Apakah anda) pikiran jika saya menyisipkan sesuatu di sini?)

Di bawah ini adalah contoh dialog tentang commenting (memberi komentar) dalam bahasa Inggris:

Liza : Hello, Icha. How are you ?

Icha : Hello, Liza. I’am fine . Much obliged to you.

Liza : gracious better believe it. Our semester is end and I have an arrangement for our vacation.

Icha : What is your arrangement ?

Liza : I need to go to Baluran woodland.

Icha : Why do you pick Baluran woodland ?

Liza : Because In the occasion at Senior High School, my companions and I got an errand to do an examination in the backwoods. Our gathering picked Baluran timberland as an article our exploration. We arranged a products that it would convey to the Baluran woods. A merchandise was critical was acquired there was a coat, a game shoes, a cap, a feast, and so forth. We spend this adventure for two days. We went to Baluran timberland by a truck.

Icha : Wow, It was my first experience by truck. My companions and I was extremely energized in this voyage. The street that is not level made our body lose a control and fell. We remained on the truck and tossed down the leaves along the street. Be that as it may, it was exceptionally amusing to us. We could study and play right now.

Liza : What else ?

Icha : After we experienced for a few hours out and about, at long last we touched base in Baluran timberland. We welcame by the individuals in there amicable. We stayed for two days in a hotel that was made of the wood. The cabin had two stories. The main floor was utilized a lounge, lounge area, washroom, and visitor room. The second floor was utilized a visitor room and restroom moreover.

Liza : Then, where is your room ?

Icha : My companions and I got the second floor and the area of our room at the edge of this floor. The following day, we began to do an exploration. Our first protest was in savana woodland and mangrove backwoods. In there, we discovered numerous things that we never know. A perspective of the savana timberland was exceptionally delightful. Other than the savana woods, a magrove timberland was extremely lovely as well.

Liza : What do you do in there ?

Icha : We took photographs in there. In mangrove woods, there was an extension was exceptionally extraordinary. It causes the water under the scaffold was profound skin. We could see an ocean animal was exceptionally delightful. In there, we could see the creature, particularly the creatures that it was a rareness.such as a deer, hawk, rhinoceres and elephant.

Liza : What are they feeling in there ?

Icha : They were exceptionally made the most of their natural surroundings. We were exceptionally cheerful to do this exploration. We could connect with the nature and breath an outside air. After we did an exploration, we cameback to the hotel. In the hotel, we likewise got an affair from an aide. An aide clarified about the Baluran timberland was clear.

I think this is my magnificent occasion in my life.

Liza : What are you doing in the most recent day in your hoiday ?

Icha : The most recent day in the Baluran timberland, we utilized our time to see a dawn. After we woke up around 05.00 we went to a tower to saw a dawn. It was extremely eminent minute in my life. After that, we arranged to went home. We went home by truck once more. However, we felt exceptionally upbeat. It is extremely great involvement in my life.

Liza : I think it is a woderful minute in your vacation.

Icha : Sure. I Want to go to Baluran woods again.Would you go with me to go to Baluran timberland one month from now? Liza : I am sad Icha. I cannot go with you one month from now. I have an arrangement for my vacation Icha : Where is a spot would you like to go to for your vacation ?

Icha : I need to go to Jogja.

Liza : That’s intriguing. I think it is a smart thought. I likewise have an arrangement to go to Jogja

Icha : Oh better believe it. At the point when ?

Liza : May be one year from now. I will go to there with my guardians. They have an occupation in there. Along these lines, I must tail them to go to Jogja and I need to get another something in Jogja.

Kita bebas memberi komentar apa saja kepada siapapun asalkan sopan dan tidak mengganggu orang lain.