5 Puisi Islami dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

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5 Puisi Islami dalam Bahasa Inggris Terbaru

5 Puisi Islami dalam Bahasa Inggris TerbaruDibawah ini adalah 5 puisi islami dalam Bahasa Inggris terbaru. Di bulan suci Ramadhan kali ini ada baiknya kita mempelajari puisi – puisi islami. Oleh karena itu siapkan translator atau kamus Bahasa inggris. Dan bacalah contoh puisi islami dibawah ini!!!

Puisi Islami Dalam Bahasa Inggris
Puisi Islami Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Puisi Islami Dalam Bahasa Inggris ( 1 )


Muslims murdering different Muslims! Syria, Iraq, and different nations! Why!

Muslims or non-Muslims – there ought to be no murdering!

In any case, what do we find?

One individual is assaulted, shot at, beaten Another’s family is slaughtered

In the wake of carrying on like this for quite a long time Is their yearning satisfied?

No! It just increments! Also, why?

Like a flame which develops with more fuel Hate just powers more loathe More roughness and pulverization

Yet, recollect that, it’s still not very late Stop now

Furthermore, choose – not any more carnage No more detest or roughness –

Just peace Rather than make the Ummah

Decay Work for it to, inside and out, expansion

Try not to utilize divisions, for example, diverse gatherings

Shia, Sunni, non- devotee or others

As reasons for threatening vibe,

Bringing on divisions If not in confidence,

At that point in mankind we’re siblings Hate powers abhor,

Killings fuel kills only compromise, and inevitably cherish,

Can recuperate Rather than letting the flame of hate to sread With reason

What’s more, love make the flares stoop As I compose this I consider Syria,

in a surprisingly more dreadful state than some time recently

Do what you can to help: give to compassionate endeavors,

Compose for peace, make Doa

Try not to stress over the span of your commitment in connection to the issue

Simply put your drop of water on the flame with enough drops,

Indeed, even enormous flames are doused

Never quit calling for peace and patient determination:

By time

In fact, humankind is in misfortune

Aside from the individuals who have accepted and done honorable deeds

Also, prompted one another to truth

Also, prompted one another to similarity


Puisi Islami Dalam Bahasa Inggris ( 2 )


The Creation of Allah

The kingdom of both paradise and earth

Fits in with you

I am your creation and you are my maker

I am a heathen and you are the forgiver

You pardoned me for all the transgressions

I made You additionally made me out of mud

You made me the out spring of Adam

You made me a player in the Ummah of Muhammad

You demonstrated to us what’s wrong and what’s right In your heavenly sacred text (The Quraan)

That you sent to our adored Muhammad

You sent delivery person/ prophets to guide us to the right way

You made the best individuals on the planet Al-Mumimi (the devotee)

You made the most noticeably awful individuals on the planet Al-Muhjir (the hyprocite)

I begin by adulating you on the grounds that you are the most deserving of commending

Ya Allah excuse this ummah for all the transgressions they made

Ya Allah make it simple for the Ummah of your prophet