15 Contoh Soal Dari Text Malin Kundang (Narrative Text) Beserta Jawaban

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15 Contoh Soal Dari Text Malin Kundang (Narrative Text) Beserta Jawaban


15 Contoh Soal Dari Text Malin Kundang (Narrative Text) Beserta Jawaban
15 Contoh Soal Dari Text Malin Kundang (Narrative Text) Beserta Jawaban


Dalam bahasa inggris, kita mengenal adanya jenis text bukan? seperti contohnya adalah recount text, descriptive text da lain sebagainya. Nah, pada kesempatan kali ini, admin akan menyediakan beberapa soal yang berhubungan dengan text dalam bahasa inggris yaitu mengenai text malin kundang.

Cerita malin kundang pasti sudah tidak asing lagi bukan dengan sahabat SBI semua? So, langsung saja yuk kita coba uji kemampua sahabat KBI semua lewat test berikut ini 🙂 Check this out!

Malin Kundang

Once upon a time, that a poor family consisting of a mother and her son named Malin Kundang. Because his father had left him, the mother must work hard to be able to raise a family.


Malin was the son of the wise but a little bit naughty. When he is about to go up, Malin feel sorry for his mother who always used to work hard live it. Then Malin ask permission for going about looking for a job in the big city.


Mom, I want to go to town. I want to work to be able to help mom here. pinta Malin.
Don’t leave the mother alone, son. Mom just got you here. “said the mother refused.
Let me go, mom. I pity seeing mom continued to work until now.” said Malin.
“Well son, but remember don’t forget mom and this village when you have success there,” Said the teary mother of ari‘s eyes.


The next day, Malin went to the big city with the use of a ship. After several years of hard work, he succeeded in the city of rantauannya.Malin is now a wealthy man who even had a number of merchant ships. And Malin had married a beautiful woman there. News about Malin who became a wealthy man to the one to his mother. The mother was very happy to hear it. He is always waiting at the beach every day, hoping the older si wayangnya eyes back and raised his mother. drajat But Malin never came.


One day istiri Malin asked about mother Malin and want to meet with him. Malin was not able to resist the desires of the wife of a very loved it. That the journey towards preparing Malin village using a private ship pretty great. Eventually the matter came to his village Malin, along with his wife and his men.


Hear the arrival of Malin, the mother felt very excited. she even ran to the beach to immediately see her son.


“What is it my son Malin, ya? This your mother, you remember “askedher mother.
Malin Kundang, my son, why are you going so long without sending the news?” He said while hugging Malin Kundang.


His wife, who was surprised at the fact that the old lady, smelly, filthy who embraced her husband, said:
“So, the smell of old lady, this is the mother you filthy, Malin


Because of the shame, Malin Kundang soon let go of his mother‘s arms and pushed him to fall.
“I didn’t know you poor old woman,” said Malin.
“The Foundation of the old lady had no idea myself, any just claim to be my mother. Advanced Malin snapped.


Hear the words of his children like that, the mother feels sad and angry. He did not suspect, and the very disayanginya turns into a childof sin.
“Oh my God, if he is a true son of mine, I beg give doom him and Fox was the one she so rocks.” the prayer of his mother‘s wrath.


Shortly thereafter the wind and Thunder rumbles hit and destroy ships Malin Kundang. After that, the body of Malin Kundang is stiff and then into the rock with coral.

Choose the True one between these choice

1.Who is Malin?
a. A son who love his mother
b.A son who care with his mother
c. A son who betray his mother
d. A son who always with his mother

2.What Malin’s mother does to malin?

a.Leave malin alone
b.accompany malin until the end of the time
c.Curse malin into a rock
d.apologize malin

3.Where malin meets his mother?
a.In his home
b.in a beach
c.In cafe
d.in a station

4.What malin’s wife does?

a.Care with malin’s mom
b.Love malin’s mom
c.Did not care with malin’s mom
d.Talk to malin’s mom

5.What do you learn from the story of Malin Kundang?

a.Never be a cruel son/daughter
b.Leave our old mom
c.give our mom money
d.Meet our mom

6.What malin said to his mom before he went to the city?

a.Malin never be back
b.He promises to be back
c.He will forget his mom
d.He will give his mom much money

7.How many actors in the story of Malin Kundang?

a.Three actors
b.Two actors
c.One actor

8.Where  the story comes from?

b.West sumatera
c.South sumatera
d.North Smatera

9.Who is the main actor of that story?

a.Malin kundang
b.Malin’s mom
c.Malin’s wife
d.Malin’s society

10.Why malin meets his mom?

a.He misses his mom
b.He will give much money to his mom
c.He accept a request from his wife
d.He wants hug his mom

Fill the blanks based on the story of Malin Kundang

  1. What is the moral value of malin kundang?
  2. Who are the actors of Malin kundang story?
  3. How are the characteristic of Malin Kundang?
  4. Is malin kundang succeed now? why?
  5. How malin kundang’s mom cursed him? tell it.

The answers of Multiple choice

  1. c
  2. c
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a
  6. b
  7. a
  8. b
  9. a
  10. c

Selamat mengerjakan sahabat SBI 🙂

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