13 Arti Kata Idiom Yang Digunakan Saat Meeting+Contoh Kalimatnya

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13 Arti Kata Idiom Yang Digunakan Saat Meeting+Contoh Kalimatnya

Sekolahbahasainggris– Idiom banyak digunakan saat pertemuan (meeting). Apa sajakah itu? Yuk disimak materi berikut tentang kat-kata idiom yang digunakan saat pertemuan beserta contohnya:

13 Arti Kata Idiom Yang Digunakan Saat Meeting+Contoh Kalimatnya
13 Arti Kata Idiom Yang Digunakan Saat Meeting+Contoh Kalimatnya
  1. Take part=>> Berpartisipasi

Emtris was sick and could not take part in the meeting last week.

You did not want to take part in their argument.

  1. At all=>> Semuanya

Rommy said that he did not have any money atall.

When I asked Mrs. Sulis whether she waired, she said, “Not at all!”

  1. Look up=>> Mencari

Every student in SDN 2 Surabaya should look up all the words in his dictionary every week.

Winda said that she did not know Tommy’s number but that she would look it up in the Gadget.

Look this date up in the dictionary, please.

  1. Wait on=>> Menghadirkan/Menghadiri

A very pleasant young man waited on me in Caffe yesterday.

The clerk asked, “Have you been waited on yet, sir?”

  1. At least=>> Minimal

Every student should spend at least 3 hours on her homework every day.

Herry has been sick in bed for at least 2 weeks.

  1. So far=>> Sejauh ini

So far Muhammad has been the best student in his English class.

How many idioms have she studied in this book so far 40 or 100?

  1. Take a walk=>> Pergi berjalan kaki

Last afternoon we took a walk along roadway.

It is a fine day. How would you like to take a walk along Sixth avenue?

  1. Take a seat=>> Duduk

Yuni asked me to come in and take a seat.

After a few hour he said, “Won’t you please take a seat.”

  1. Try on=>> Mencoba/Mengetes

Ully tried on several suits and finnaly picked out a blue one.

Why is it necessary to try on hat before buying them

Try tis brown dress on next.

  1. Think over=>>Mempertimbangkan

You shall think over my offer and give me your answer tomorrow.

 Budi and Gerald don’t have to decide this matter at once. They can think it over and give her their decision tomorrow.

  1. Take place=>> Terjadi/ berlangsung

The meeting took place in Novotel hall.

Where didi the accident take place?

  1. Put away=>> Mengembalikan sesuatu ketempatnya

After Kenny finished reading the report, he put it away in his safe.

My mother told my elder brother to put his shoes away.

Put your book away Shinta; it’s time for lunch now.

  1. Wait for=>> Menunggu

I will wait for you on the corner of Roadway and Danau Towuti street.

They waited for for him more than two hour and finally left.


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