101 Kumpulan Dongeng Bahasa Inggris: Cinderella

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101 Kumpulan Dongeng Bahasa Inggris:Cinderella

SekolahbahasainggrisSetelah sebelumnya admin membagi cerita dongeng nan apik dalam bahasa Inggris yang berjudul Malin Kundang, sekarang kalian pasti penasaran cerita dongeng apalagi sih dalam bahasa Inggris. Nah kali ini dalam kesempatan ini admin akan membagi cerita Cinderella.

101 Kumpulan Dongeng Bahasa Inggris: Cinderella
101 Kumpulan Dongeng Bahasa Inggris: Cinderella

Pernakah sahabat SBI mendengar cerita Cinderella? Itu loh sepatu kaca dan pangeran tampan? Bagaimana, sudah ingat sekarang? Jika masih penasaran ceritanya seperti apa kalaina bisa lihat dibawah ini:


Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl, her name is Cinderella. She lived with her step mother and her two stepsister. They were very bossy. Her mother was dead, so her father had married the woman who she called as stepmother.

All the things about Cinderella was a mistakes in her stepmother’ eyes. Not only bossy woman, her stepmother was cruel and bad. She only gave all the nice things to her own daughters. No love at all which Cinderella got.

Cinderella like a civil servant in her own house. No cheer up at all. No nice rests and comfort place at all. It was like a hell. Cinderella only has a beautiful cat. It was a funny and kind animals. It like a friend for Cinderella.

“Cinderella, come here ugly!” Said her stepmother. “Yes mom!” answered Cinderella. “Clean my room, and Bathroom, don’t forget cook for lunch, now!” “But mom, I’m sick!” said Cinderella. “I don’t care!” answered her stepmother.

There was an invitation to all the girls in that village to come to the palace. And the lucky girl would marry with prince. Neither her stepsister was so happy nor her stepmother. They try to buy a beautiful new dresses, shoes, and all the beautiful and expensive stuffs.

Cinderella even dare ask to her stepmother, “What about me mom!” And the answer would be “Hey, you dumb Cinderella, you just staying at home to clean all the room, wash all the plate, scrub the floor! You know that Cinderella, you are ugly, and prince never look at you even a bite!”

Cinderella run to her room and cried. “Oh God, why they are so cruel. Help me!” Suddenly the amazing happened to her, there was a burst of light and then the fairy appeared. “Don’t be sad beautiful. I will help you!” said fairy.

The fairy changed Cinderella, she became beautiful with her new princess dress wear on. With a magic wand. The fairy make a beautiful shoes by her magic wand. It was like a glass shoes.

Cinderella went to the ball by taking a pumpkin cart. But she must come back before a midnight gone. Because the magic would be over then. When Cinderella came to the ballroom at the beautiful palace. The prince so happy and love at the first impression and said “she would be my wife” But Cinderella was using a mask on that party. “Who are you beauty!” asked prince.

But all sudden, the clock sound that midnight would over. It meant she must go home. She run to her pumpkin. “Wait…” asked prince. Cinderella lost her left side of her glass shoes. But Cinderella just went and run. “I would find you!” said prince. He after that party, would go to find a girls whose foot fits to the glass shoe.

No one can be fit to the glass shoe. Until he went to Cinderella’s home. But her stepmother didn’t allow Cinderella out from room. Prince was deppresed that her stepsisters was not that girl. Until prince saw Cinderella unexpectedly.

“Hey you, please come!” So amazingly that Cinderella is the only one who can fit to the glass shoe. “You are that girl. I believe!”

After that moment, the prince had married to Cinderella. And they live happily forever.