Contoh Soal “Who,” “Whom” and “Whose” Lengkap

Diposting pada –Setelah memahami cara penggunaan “Who,” “Whom” and “Whose.” Kali ini rekan SBI ditantang untuk mengetes pemahaman kalian tenteng penggunaannya dengan menyelesaikan latihan soal di bawah ini.

 100 Contoh Soal Who, Whom and Whose Lengkap

Pilihlah jawaban yang benar untuk setiap gap bawah, lalu klik tombol “Check” untuk memeriksa jawaban Anda.

  1. _____ bring this bag?
  1. _____ are we going to school?
  1. _____ food is on the table?
  1. It doesn’t look like this is the right way. _____ did you ask for directions?
  1. He have one extra tickets for the movie. _____ wants to go with him?
  1. It wasn’t me! I have no idea _____ left the stove on.
  1. _____ cab is parked in the alley? The cab is being towed.
  1. The police have called in a detective to identify _____ everything messed up at the location.
  1. Do you remember _____ took the book from my desk when I was eating at the cafe? Was it Roni
  1. Elisa couldn’t remember the name of the teacher _____ the hair is ponytailed at the high school.
  1. He know exactly _____ he is going to choose in the upcoming election.
  1. That’s the person _____ spent 20 years living with the Eskimos in the Artic.
  1. He is the girl_____ he talks about in every conversation.
  1. Can you please tell me the names of the girl _____ helped you maintaining the caompany?
  1. The circuit is being renamed in honor of Marco Simonceli, _____ the riding skill, spirit, and soul keeps peoples to love the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world.

Semoga berhasil rekan SBI!!!!