10 Soal Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 7 (Part II) Beserta Jawaban

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10 Soal Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 7 (Part II) Beserta Jawaban


30 Soal Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 7 (Part II) Beserta Jawaban
10 Soal Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 7 (Part II) Beserta Jawaban


Salah satu cara menguasai bahasa inggris yaitu dengan berlatih, apakah sahabat SBI juga sering berlatih mengerjakan soal? nah, disini admin ingin memberikan contoh soal kepada sahabat SBI mengenai bahasa inggris yang terdiri dari 10 soal pilihan ganda beserta jawaban nya, semangat untuk mencobanya ya sahabat SBI 🙂

Read the following text and answer question 1 to 4.


My classroom is very big. There are twenty classroom and forty chairs for students. The teacher’s table is in front of the classroom. The teacher sit behind the table. Behind her is the whiteboard. Beside the whiteboard is a map of Indonesian archipelago. Under the map, there is a bookshelf. There are two windows in the room. Between the windows is a picture of Prambanan temple. I like my classroom very much.

1.“My classroom is very big “. The underlined word ..






2.Where does the teacher sit ?

a.In front of the classroom

b.Behind the whiteboard.

C.Behind the table

D.Under the map

E. behind the board

3.Where is the whiteboard ?

A.behind the table

B.Beside the teacher

C.Behind the wall

D.Behind the teacher

E.In front of the window

4.Does the writer like his class very much ?

a.No, it is not

b.yes, it is

c.yes, I am

d.yes, he is

Passage 2

Read the following text and answer question 5-11.

I love dogs very much. I keep some dogs in my house. They are Casper, Midas, Brownie and Dottie. Casper is a dachshund. He’s short with long body and four strong legs. Brownie is a collie. She has long and thick fur. What color is her fur? Brown, of course that’s why I call her Brownie. Dottie is a Dalmatian. She has a slim body and four long legs. She has thin fur and dots all over her body. The last is Midas. He is a bulldog. He has a large head, a short neck and thick short legs. He’s very strong. I always take care of my dogs every day.

5.What kind of text is the text above?






6. The generic structure of the text is ….

a.description – identification
b. Identification – description
c. Orientation – events – Reorientation
d. Reorientation – events – Orientation

7.“She has long and thick fur”. The antonym of the underlined word is…






8. How many dogs does the writer have?





9.What does Casper look like?

a.Short with long body and strong legs
b. Brown, with long and thick fur
c. Slim body, long legs
d. Thin fur and dots

10.Why does the writer call the collie, Brownie? The writer calls the collie, Brownie because ….

a.she like brownies

b.she has brown ear

c.she has brown fur

d.she has black fur

e.she likes to eat brownies

Kunci Jawaban

  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. E
  5. B
  6. B
  7. C
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C

Semoga bermanfaat ya sahabat SBI 🙂

Selamat berlatih 🙂

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