1 Contoh Berita Militer Internasional Dalam Bahasa Inggris

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1 Contoh Berita Militer Internasional Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Sekolahbahasainggris– Jika kalian sedang mencari-cari contoh berita dalam bahasa Inggris. Kalian tepat sekali datang ke website ini. Karena kali ini admin akan membagikan contoh berita dalam bahasa Inggris. Topik berita kali ini yakni tentang militer Internasional.

1 Contoh Berita Militer Internasional Dalam Bahasa Inggris
1 Contoh Berita Militer Internasional Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Berita militer merupakan salah satu berita yang banyak dicari oleh masyarakat di seluruh Negara. Penasaran dengan berita militer dalam bahasa Inggris? Yuk disimak berita berikut ini:


40 Israeli Military Intel Refused To Return Back, Why?

There are so many problem of Military in Israel. Based on the new report that troops trauma, stress, in rehabilitation, a bleak future, and also much more acute problem is surrounding Israeli soldiers for the war against the Palestinians. Why? This if not soon be overcome with good, then the ability of the Israeli war would be easily defeated again by Palestinian fighters who continue to do a good consolidation.

This time Israel gets tragedy by retreating military intelligence had strategic position. There were 40 soldiers of intelligence veteran refused re-charge in the Palestinian territories, because they are feeling guilty spying on innocent citizens.

Rejection is delivered in an open letter which is published in a local newspaper published in Tel Aviv. The letter was signed by 40 veterans and reservists.

They consist of the officers, a former instructor, and senior non-commissioned officers, military intelligence of a special unit called Unit 8200 is called Yehida Shmoneh-Matayim.

The unit is separate from the Mossad. In the US and the UK, this unit is equivalent to the NSA and GCHQ.

Originally they were in charge of collecting data on the people who take the fight against the occupation, and creating divisions among the Palestinian population. The Israeli military would scoop up those who identified Unit 8200, and politically persecuted him.

Unit 8200 is the biggest task interception of electronic communications, breaking into an email, telephone eavesdropping, and social media glare. Additional task, spying on the military and diplomatic traffic.

The dissidents say the majority of their tasks not related to the security of Israel, but to control all aspects of Palestinian society.

“We, as veterans Unit 8200, declare to refused to take part in the action against the Palestinians and the Israeli military a tool mastery over the occupied territories,” the letter states.

“Palestinian population in the occupied territories actually become victims Israeli espionage,” they continued.

In Israeli society, the most prestigious Unit 8200. In most of the Jews who had served in this unit work in high-tech sectors, and has a smooth military career to the highest level.

Haaretz wrote dozens of former Unit 8200 prestigious positions in the Israeli bureaucracy, almost in all sectors; courts, ministries of finance, corporate executives, the largest accounting services company in Israel, scientists, and fill the economic portfolio in each cabinet minister of Israel.

There is an impression, by Unit 8200 is the chosen people with extraordinary intelligence.

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