1.Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris: “Told Me When I Wake Up”

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1.Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris: “Told Me When I Wake Up”

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1.Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris: “Told Me When I Wake Up”
1.Cerita Pendek Bahasa Inggris: “Told Me When I Wake Up”

“Told Me When I Wake Up”

It’s been 9 years after I have felt the wind on my mind flowing all those kinds of ambition that never ends until now. I see that the golden leaves comes to say “This is spring” to this boring years. All of my life is single. So I never thought that I would have the impressed one that can fall me down to her heart.

My friends call me that I am only single who never felt love. This is a curse or what. It still been a mysterious to me. When was 12 years old I see her as my first hope that I never felt before to see how bad love is and how great love is.

Her name is Sandy Cheeks, I remembered all the time her name until the dreams comes to me everyday. It is so unique. I saw her on the outside of the class in 7 grade class C in the small public junior high school in Bandar lampung.

I heard that had been a boy came to me and said “Hi…,my name is Jojo” “Hi, I’m Patrick. Just call me Pat!” I answered.  May be I’m the only boy who was weak to be a real boy. I’m so fuckin ugly to say something  good to girlfriend. But after I met Jojo, he reminded me that I was not the only one. At least I have a friend.

My whole life was not good when I was young, it was a process how I could be like this. So heavy to say and so heavy to analogize the life. When the bright light of the sun came, I have to prepared all the stuff of my books.

The time before dawn is my sacrifices to my family that I was not a rich man, or handsome man, or anything good. I was not hating but I am telling you.

My father is a mechanic, my mother is seller. They have different background of school. My father took the old elementary school which equals to high school now. My mother took until junior high school. May be this is the reason why life.

The big reason why i can stand in the world is still a big question in my life. Please told me when I wake up from this. Why god must create me to be born. Why I am a boy. Why my name is Patrick. Why the life must be survived. Why don’t we just take a rest in peace.

“Mom, I don’t understand why God must create me” I asked to my mom when I was 15 years old. I think I was big enough. But all those kind of questions always been on my mind. “The only things you can know it, you just have to look around you in finding God.”

“I still do not understand what are you talking about, Mom?” I asked again. “You will know it later when God let.” She answered me. You know that all of my life still as my question for me.

For love, I still do not find her who can match to me. For my religion I find it great by some unique moment. It was not from muslim like me. It was from another religion. My friends was cristian, he asked me a lot of question. He tried to rebut all the ways of my religion. But I realized that we are in the different way to respect God. But the God we respect is still the One and only one. We took a debate a long duration. But this taught me that we must respect each other.

After this moment I pray to the God more often. This kinda mercy for me. In other hands of my findings I thought why we have to make money. Why don’t we just pray to the God and God would given to me a meals, clothes, or all the things I need. It was simple? But I was wrong on understand. This would never happened to us as human. No things without actions. So we have to do something to get something. That’s would be a cycles of life.

Now I am 21 years old almost 22 in this month. I would found al the things until I got the answer of my life. Why we must die, why we must life. Told me when I wake up.

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